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Do not disturb during scents



In addition to the do not disturb notification during battles, can you add it to scents and during periods where you are in the process of using a scent? If I have an active scent it would be nice to stop friends from requestong friendly battles.


Yes, I feel bad when I refuse to battle but what should I do instead if I got a scent running and friends ask me to battle?

I really wish there‘d be a quick option to show my friends that I can‘t do friendly battles for a reason. Maybe something like ‚scent running‘y


I suggested this as well:

It really would be helpful.


It could be helpfull if you can set your status at cant friendly battle at the moment. So you can do your scent, hunting for dinosaurs, …


Does anyone not understand that if you dont accept theres a reason? I always assume theyre busy, its adding programming where a bit of common sense is all thats needed


Yes, please!!


I don’t think we need any unnecessary added features until the ones we have are bug-free

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