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Do not Disturb Setting


I think we need an in game DND setting. That way if we are running scents or out hunting people know not to friendly challenge us. Our alliance is very active with friendly challenges (which I love!) but I’ll get 3 or 4 requests when I’m trying to run a scent and don’t have time to go to the chat and explain what I’m doing.


Oooooo look at you ms popular haha jk. Agreed I get lots of requests while running scents and since the chat almost never works you can’t justify yourself lol


Same…I messaged the group and said if you think I am ignoring you I probably am, kidding! I did put a msg in there though and think it’s understood by all :blush:


I was thinking it could even prevent the pop ups when people donate or request. I hope they are already planning to get rid of that “feature” but I feel like it just muddles up my map.

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When people battle it shows a little red minus sign, it should be an option for when using scents or just out hunting.


Oh and I noticed if the app is open and not active, like if i’m reading through the forum or whatever it shows us available.