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Do not point out ludias scams


Soon as you point out ludias scams all of your posts are automatically hidden!

This is shady business dealing!

SCAM! Do NOT buy 6000 unique opportunity incubator!

Maybe those players who are victims of the scam should bring that information to the police…
I don`t think that this is legal…


They don’t want anyone to find out honestly just ask for a refund


It’s not automatically hidden from what you say, if you post too many times (usually 3-4+) it automatically hides your posts from the spam filter,

although the spam filter should be highered it’s not going for you only based on what you type in your post

You’ll most likely find those posts are showing now and got approved


Yea they have posts hidden with any swearing abbreviations like WT … ect also hidden certain words they look for . I’ve been here since before the launch before beta … it’s annoying you’ll get use to it !
That’s why I started up a Facebook for Canada players


They also hide any post that’s too long, such as 2+ paragraphs of people trying to be detailed and informative.

No criticism or swearing in the posts at all, but unless it’s tweet-level in its brevity it’ll be auto-hidden for someone to look over.

Usually it’s hidden for a day. I still have a post hidden, though, and it’s been a week now.


With all due respect, your posts aren’t being hidden because you’re pointing out that they’re scammers - your posts are being hidden because you have 3+ threads all on the same topic and at a certain point you have to admit that that’s spam. Additionally, I’m not sure you’ve been scammed at all. Each of the events you detail are ones where it’s been a misunderstanding on your part, not even false advertising on theirs. You seem to think the company has a vendetta against you personally but no, they are not misleading you and they are only hiding your posts because you repeatedly post new topics about the same thing.


Ludia strikes again! Not really surprising, but so tired hoping they’d not do something that ISN’T a complete scam or false advertising.

Per jurassic alive:
"Get a leg up on the competition with ingredients to create unique superhybrids in this incubator! "


Now, let’s nevermind the fact that 500epic dna is absolutely not going to net you enough dna to create a unique without spending several hundreds in multiple boxes…

But you would think they would ATLEAST giving you matching epic dna to make the same unique (i was being naive, i know)



Don’t even make the same unique… infact kentrosaurus doesn’t make a unique at all. Only a legendary…ankyntrosaurus.


Now this is an absolute scam. You spend 6000 cash for an incubator that claims to give unique hybrid ingredients, then don’t even get unique hybrid ingredients out of it.

I’ll be seeking a refund for all purchases ive made in this game. This is absolute fraud.




Did you really think, after all the posts/threads that people have complained saying that Ludia is scamming people and providing bad experiences in buying stuff that someone (like yourself) would learn by now and just STOP buying anything from them? - _-


Sometimes you try to have optimism, but I’m done. I’ll be refunding every purchase ive made due to false advertisement and deceit


Wow, thanks a lot. I supposed this premium incubator should at least give DNA needed for “1 legend creature”.

Now this looks more worthless than legend incubator last week, which at least guaranteed you can create one legend hybrid.


where exactly do you see it say anywhere that superhybrids are uniques? the picture is indominus and hes only legendary. im guessing its anything that hybrids at legendary or higher.


Not sure it’s a scam but it’s still shoddy advertising. When you select it it should give an info button showing the possible rewards and their % chance.

Until they do this I won’t buy any more.

You got ingredients that lead to a unique Superhybrid so the description is accurate, it’s just that some people don’t realise what the rewards could be.

They definitely need to add more transparency to these as they’re too vague at the moment.


By that logic, then almost any epic is an ingredient for a unique and has no difference from a normal 6k incubator. Its still false advertising and deceit. Nothing about this company is transparent or honest. They care nothing about the player base and steal everyone’s cash.


Im also a victim in this. Guys do we have a case to ask for a refund?


If it’s not what you expected then I think you can request a refund within 48hrs.

I’m not sure if ludia will be happy with this though - they may agree to the refund and then close your account.

I have had refunds from Star Trek Timelines in the past, but this was when something wrong occurred with the purchase.

Here it just sounds like people didn’t understand what they were buying and then weren’t happy with the subsequent rewards.


Shall i ask for my refund through google or paypal? Thanks


Omg. They hidden my last reply cause I want to know how to get my refund… :roll_eyes:


@gulgoth Seriously? It literally says “Unique super hybrids” in the description


You can get refund through your Google play or Apple purchase history.
Select the reason “defective or not as advertised”
And in the next page you can quote what it states and then the reality.
Within 15 minutes Google will refund Apple I’m not sure.
This game is such a cash grab and it peeves me off that the chance of a great exploration Jurassic game has been destroyed by typical Ludia cash grabbing.