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Do not try this at home


That moment you realise you pressed start before selecting the rest of your team… :sob:

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Oh no :joy:

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Only not really funny, when energy is at an even greater premium than ever. I did this too, because we are all conditioned to have our primary team loaded and ready to go at the beginning of a battle.

And because there is a prompt in normal battle mode that appears to tell you there is a slot or slot open for another dragon in your team before proceeding (I know this because sometimes an inadvertent tap will remove a dragon from your lineup).

What will it take to put it a few more “confirm” buttons and controls?

The other funny/not funny one with the new quests is that the restart & continue buttons have switched position for the Toothless quest so that I know I’m far from the only one who has restarted when we meant to continue