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Do NOT waste your cash on the "premium" incubator


I am so upset, its beyond belief. Not that i would spend one DIME on this stupid game, which for some reason i play when im out, it took me months to save up enough cash to buy the premium incubator, the one that’s greenish, with the white dna strand in the middle, costs 8340 at level 15—I THOUGHT i would get something nice, maybe some rare dino dna, or more dna to upgrade to something else…but NOOoooooo, what did i get? STUPID, RIDICULOUS, gen 2 BASIC dino dna that i nor anyone, uses in the first place! i had 10 things from the incubator, the first 8 were all useless gen2 dino dna, the ONLY decent thing i got was 300 sinoceratops dna, which still isn’t enough to do anything with and since they are so ultra rare to get to begin with, looks like this dna will sit for even longer until i get the whopping 1/6 event chance to get more when and if ludia decides to eventually put sino up on the map. And of course, last but not least, the last dna “epic” i got which seems to be a common reward that also no one uses? yep, you guessed it—the mighty ALANQA!! YAYYYyyyyyy, ooohh boy…
so im beyond upset and because of the filters on here i cant really express my disgust. Im just glad i dont spend one damm dime on this un-fun game, i dont get why ANY one would spend 50.00 or more on the incubators if this is what happens lol lol lol…so yea, ill still play, ill still hit supply drops, still do this and that, will take another 6 months or so to save up enough cash again to get anything, but oh well…so beware, DO NOT GET this premium incubator!!


Lesson learned then.

But a quick glance through the forums or on fan pages you would of seen incubators are not worth anything. It’s a money grab from ludia and takes the mick out the players.


yea, to bad i didnt see that before.oh well…


meant to add, at least i didn’t pay for it, wasted alot of time saving up the cash but oh well, stupid me


Next time use your cash on Coins sales and if you have enough coins then on Epic Scents (in the specific dino required local)


Wow 8340 cash is a lot of potential coins. Which is ultimately the most important thing to have. Incubators are complete luck of the draw. I’ve had 15min ones that were better than some epics lol.

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Nowwwww ya tell me lol…and by the way, i NEVER see any coin sales nor cash sales for that matter


They are on special event days. Like over Christmas and Lunar one etc.

You have to wait and check forums too for them. They are available normally for 1 to 2 days.


This is the reason they pulled the premium incubator from the global prizes.
They didn’t want everyone to see how bad they are.


I hate the incubators in this game. You always getting the same dinosaurs with very few exceptions

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well in anycase, im just glad i DONT pay one cent to this @!@!@ game, and shame on you suckers that do…if it was different, then yes i’d pay, but the way it is now, never in a million years.


Wait for a good event week premium incubator, and get one then, not a normal “any random stuff could be in it” incubator. For example if there is a really good themed premium for armoured dinos or speedy or something. I would even do a high hp one just for the ourano lol

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I saw some people complaining about the legendary incubator monsths ago, saying it was not worth it, and since then I’ve decided I’d not spend cash on things like that.

Good to know nothing has changed…


Holy crap man I really really feel sorry for u!
Had these instand regret moments too and it‘s a terrible feeling wasting all the hardly earned and saved cash.

I just can‘t say something else than that I‘m sorry and understand u.
Hoping for some nice DNA and then getting that much crap from a PREMIUM incubator. Man that really sucks, what a ***.

Maybe it is the only good thing that u showed us all to never never try one of these frustration makers. And perhaps it‘s also a bit less frustrating that u haven‘t wasted real cash. Nevertheless u put so much effort and time into it…

Really know this feeling, had these too but never as extreme as in ur case.

I feel ya. :pensive:
And truly sorry for u. This really shouldn‘t happen. Putting that much trash in goddamn PREMIUM incubators is just ***.


I always save the green money for coins since it’s so hard to get enough in the upper levels, seeing all the filth you get in regular incubators I wouldn’t even want to try that premium one… so sad, this last week I opened so many cunning incubators from strike towers and didn’t get a single Dilo DNA!!! They never give you what you actually need, no, they give you koolasuchus gen 2 :expressionless::triumph:


Its good the way it is. Thats why pay to win is no big deal in this game. you have to pay ridiculous amount to have an advantage. The only pay2win stuff are scents.


I disagree with this thread, premium incubators are NOT a waste of cash. Ok I’m a VIP member though so maybe that’s the difference because from time to time they sell themed premium incubators in the store but maybe that’s only to VIP members? …but I save my hard cash till a week I see something I like, that was how in 1 week I managed to pick up 2 premium incubators (when I was relatively low level) with over 10 000 Velo DNA in each…helped a lot in creating my Indo so I won’t complain. So it’s about knowing when to buy (for VIPs?)…anyway I been playing the game for 4 months now and I’m in Lockwood Estate at level 18 so I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the premium incubators I’ve bought to date.


They cost $69 in real cash, USD.
Unless you are independently wealthy, I don’t see how spending that much real cash or equivalent is worth what you get in return.

I’ve bought one, it didn’t make a $69 difference in my team strength. That’s the problem with micro transactions, people don’t realize how much they’ve paid over time.

Edit: Just noticed your “s” at the end of premium incubators you’ve bought.
Go look at your total spent through Google or iCloud on this game, report back the total, and rethink if it’s been worth it.


I never buy incubators as it takes away the point in the game(to get up and walk) and just use the incubators from the arena.


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