Do people actually do this


Drop from 3000 rank all the way to 0? Seen a lot of crazy Dino’s early


I tend to drop a rank or two whenever I let my 5yo son play. He wins 1 out of 50 battles. But I don’t drop rank on purpose.


Im on 3000+ now but thinking about dropping to arena 5 since there is no dinos in 6 or 7 that im really interested in. So probably others are doing the same thing.
They really should make it so the incubutors isnt lvlbased but dna increases with arenalvl instead so people stop doing so.


Loads of people on here have said they are dropping to arena 1 to get Rex DNA.


Yeah, although I kinda regret doing it now, hardly worth it for the little DNA you get, WHEN I get rex DNA it’s like 8 per 8hr incub and the other 2 dinos it gives that I want I rarely get even as commons, swear it’s rigged to give me the opposite of what I have.

Plus the way trophies work it requires 2 losses and one win to stay in the arena I want.

That said I used my lowest levelled dinos to get there.


Worth it for me as bad as I am hitting epics with darts. Haha