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Do Phour, Arctovas, and Skoona need balancing?

And now we start asking nerf for Vasilas LOL!!! …

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I mean its really powerful, especially maxed boosted.

I would say lose the swap out and it’s fine because it’s counter part has sir and LRAR is a bit broken but since it doesn’t have a lot of health you can kill it within 2 turns sometimes.

Skoona is mostly fine I think, it could get a small nerf but nothing crazy. It’s an odd creature because, in spite of it being objectively VERY strong, it really doesn’t feel overly oppressive unless you’re drawing a very Cunning heavy hand. Its Health and Damage could be toned down a little, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world if it doesn’t get changed.

PRex needs to lose the swap-in. DCRat already gets outshone enough, and we don’t need something that literally does its job but better in the mix. Critical Sidestep also needs to probably lose the speedup, acting more as a lateral shift from Sidestep than a pure upgrade and opening up PRex a little more to counterplay from Cunnings. I’d start there, after which I think PRex would be a lot more fair feeling. If it needed more after that, I’d aim for a speed nerf to 124.

Vasilas will absolutely need a nerf. IMO it shouldn’t be able to cleanse on escape (the text doesn’t say so, but players using it have found that it does), and its Health and Damage probably should be bumped down to 4200 and 1200, respectively, to reflect the relatively low stats of its ingredients–Arcto gets a huge boosts to both over each of its ingredients. Assuming any relevant fixes happen and those changes go through, I think Arcto would still be very strong but much more fair than it is now.


Alert persistent group shields from vasilas is also broken. On alert it give 100% shields so anything that can not go through shields is going to have a tough time which will lead to vasilas slowly healing over time.

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They’re all fine.


vasilas and phorurex need nerfing for sure, skoona is fine. leave her alone


Well Nitro Chompers can still beat Arctovasilas in alert state… But they need to be faster than It…


Bear so easy to counter

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You countered it with another bear when you had Devastation at the ready and a speed advantage. Of course it was easy :rofl:


Using the bear to destroy the bear i see

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I mean its still pretty good I would keep it like that

Ah yes soo much so you had to use a bear to beat the bear lol :joy:

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Wonder how thyla does vs the bear?
Bleed turn 1 and rend turn 2
Dont know if people want to test that on the toolbox.
As I see if thyla is faster it wins in a 1 v 1.

Obviously if the bear has set up it wins but then it still has too deal with the bleed.

Actually it does. As long as it doesn’t get stunned, but yeah it does win. But also everything in the meta basically makes it impossible to really use it without getting swapped in on.


it dies within two turns

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Good idea to give the bear a nerf so that Skonas Testas and Hadros can take him down easily

Yeah, that’s to what I was referring when I said “assuming any relevant fixes happen.” I didn’t really spell it out since I figured that one is pretty well known already

El skoona es el que necesita equilibrio o le devuelves el contraataque medio de nuevo o dejalo así con su contra normal pero quitale la resistencia al daño reducido, ningún dino con contraataque completo tiene resistencia al daño reducido como el dioraja, Grypo, indotaurus, etc


Translated from Spanish

The skoona is the one that needs balance or you return the medium counter again or leave it like that with its normal counter but remove the reduced damage resistance, no full counter dino has reduced damage resistance like the dioraja, Grypo, indotaurus, etc

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bc they either dont have the resistance from the parents, or it in general. skoona can be a unique exception to that. First full creature to have a full counter to have damage resistance.
skoona is fine how she is atm
she dont need to keep getting nerfed. eventually she will be nerfed into the ground