Do Phour, Arctovas, Skoona and now ankylos need balancing? Updated

Arctovasilas doesn’t need high armor and two shield moves also no heal. Skoona was once hard to face but after it’s instant distraction move was removed he isn’t that harder. Pho might look op at first glance but it’s very balanced for having two instant damages. It’s also the perfect counter for rhino and rat since he can beat them before switching again. He’s also not that hard to counter. All resilients can beat him in two turns. Even andrewtops can one shot him if he has enough health

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As somebody that uses magna I can tell you phoru is far from helpless against magna. Even when magna is on full health they swap it in even though magna resists rend, usually after I used distracting impact and then go for the instant cunning rampage.


Yep. But it also depends on the damage of pho

So my idea how to nerf arctovasilas

  1. Nerf the armor to 25
  2. Replace Presistent shield with devensive edge
  3. Remove counter heal

Would the bear be more balanced if the shield move wasn’t 100% shields? Isn’t that a bug? I haven’t faced it yet so can’t really comment.

Skoona -
Needs a dmg nerf I would say 0.5X counter, and no attack buff.
Also make the crit 10%

Lower the attack maybe by 100
Critical sidestep needs a cooldown or delay
Then one passive change either the swap in or on escape.

Apex bear
No idea, dont think I will ever face it in the arena maybe it needs abit more time before getting changed.


Definitely agree, my poor tryko, magna, and rinex have all been trashed thanks to power creep. But for now I just wanna know if these three are the like the main problem but yeah other creatures definitely also need tweaks as well but rn their not as problematic as well them.


Skoona: agree that would work and maybe just 107 speed.

Phor: again agree

Bear: I think just don’t give it a super base move lol. And fix the alert glitch cause it just supposed to make the shield last longer not be invincible at least according to the description.


IDGT himself said “zero counters after turn 1”. What can possibly stand up to 4.5x base damage when the thing is set up? It’s literally the definition of power creep in creature form. Its moveset is literally the kitchen sink of movesets.

Cenozoic smack is definite strike to the nth degree, cleanses two of the three ways to slow Yogi down AND inflicts vulnerability itself.

Alert arctic blast slows, potentially stuns, AND inflicts vuln.

Alert persistent group shields steals shields, buffs damage, oh and IF the opponent manages to get you below half health? Invincibility.

Shielded (precise) devastation may be the simplest move on the list.

PLUS all the swap in/out/counter heal AND all those resistances.

So, while I realize Ludia is being Ludia and making the new shiny as desirable as possible, it can pretty much be guaranteed that a nerf will come sooner or later. Look at any Morty/Magnus/etc. as examples.


Regarding power creep and game design, I trust ludia will introduce counters throughout the year to it.


Isn’t that literally the definition of power creep?

Magna, Dioj, Tryko, etc. are all victims of this where they simply get out classed because they’ve been left behind. Imagine how they’d fair against whatever Ludia dreams up to counter Yogi.


vasilas is maybe the most hard-to-fuse dino since game release, and is an apex.

should be nerfed to a unique level? or maybe a raid-apex level?


I’d argue most uniques (currently) are stronger than most apex, at least where things stand currently.

I actually agree that Vasilas should be extremely strong, given the difficulty to create, but I just think it needs to be toned down a little. Ferocity + vulnerability + devastation even with out being able to cleanse or defeat cloak/dodge would be enough.

We’re just reaching a point where the only place left to go is to add an “insta-win” move, and that’s my main concern.


For pho maybe reduce the attack to 1500 and get rid of all the lethal part of rampage and run to instead make it shattering rampage and run


When the only counters to an OP creature are brand new OP creatures, your game is badly broken. There are 285 creatures in this game, 33 of which are unique and 7 of which are non-bear apexes. Making all of these redundant because only a tiny handful of brand new things can counter each other is a massive mistake. (And yes, that is power creep.)

I know a lot of people who will be reconsidering the amount of time we spend on this game if Ludia gives us constant fusable OP apexes.


Mine dies easily enough to mortem, sr3, and the right circumstances for sooona - as well as pho.

Team tactics seem to work well.

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Um what?!? When I tested it, it actually took 5 hits to take down a Diplodocus with just Strike :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


well thats unboosted

Its more than strong boosted


Personally it really doesn’t need to big of a nerf, it is almost impossible to get and only a few people have it unlocked

I wonder if arctovasilas can be counter by hydraboa since it has instant null to remove the extra attack and the shield and a priority manning wound impact attack