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Do players have any way to report Arena Droppers?

Doesn’t this violate Terms of Service?
The player has a high score of 6009 Trophies and has a team of L20 commons and lower.
Is there a proper channel for reporting this?

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It’s not against TOS no.

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They’re trying to do the win 35 pvp matches with all commons team - not only is this not reportable, but Ludia has indirectly encouraged this…


Nothing in the TOS about it.

Well, I sure wouldn’t want to meet them on the way back up.

Out of curiosity, why do you think it breaches the TOS?

A team of L20 commons isn’t too much of a threat at the Arena where they’ll be played.

Ludia is actively encouraging this…hence the achievement.

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I think it‘s about the fact that the player obviously uses this team for dropping. Once the player reached the trophy count he/she wants, he/she will switch to the normal arena team and slash his/her way through weaker players all the way up.

That team is an evidence that the player is currently dropping; or atleast that‘s what Mitchell Hein says.

Easy win for those who meet this player during the dropping session, but a nightmare for those who meet the player during rising up again.

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And I totally agree that Ludia‘s actively pushing and forcing it. Totally not the player‘s fault.

They think: the more the players get stomped by arena droppers, the more they may throw money into the game to improve their team… Sadly, even if I believe they are loosing tons of players because of this I guess the new incoming players dump enough cash into this game (before figuring it out) that’s it’s enough for them?. They never did anything about it in the past, before the achievements, even if that was always one of the main complaint about this game.

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