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Do Quad Creation Labs have greater failure rates?

Hi all,

i am not generally one for conspiracy theories, but I am definitely seeing a pattern and I am wondering if anyone else is seeing it too. We have had the Quad Creation Labs a couple times in the past month or so, and in theory, I love it - allows me to churn through my Dino creation twice as fast. However, in practice, I am seeing significantly higher failure rates that I see when there are only two creation labs. Like 4-5 repeats for a 2 hour build. 2-3 repeats for 30 min and 1 hour builds, etc. The end result is that creating the dinosaurs takes about the same amount of time because although I have double the labs, I need close to double the retries. Plus, there is a higher cost in DNA and overall, a higher cost in bucks.

Is anyone else seeing this? Maybe I’m just having really bad luck, or it’s all a perception issue, so I thought I’d check in with the Community :slight_smile:


I only have a subjective gut feeling on this, but it tells me no. There are always phases where you have bad luck but in general I have the impression that I can fuse much faster when I have four labs in my creation lab.

Slot two and three are significantly cheaper than the second slot if you have only two. So if I consider that I have to fuse my creatures, no matter if I have 2 or 4 slots, I think that in the end it is cheaper.


Hi Falconhawk,
I asked the game designer and he says it is just coincidence and perception. The Creation Lab behaves the same whether you have 1 or 4 going.


Thanks for the responses. Hopefully my luck will turn around over the weekend :slight_smile:

I certainly haven’t noticed it. I’ve had just the opposite experience with a lot of the stuff I’ve had in there finishing quickly.