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Do raids count for battles and incubators for alliance mission?

title says it all. (filling in space because it has to be 20 characters to post)

I would like to know if raids count towards alliance mission battles and incubators, too.

Counted as battles for me today. Not sure about incubators but I would likely guess that they count as well

Just wanted to know if anyone knew for sure. because sometimes the counter on missions is delayed and is hard to tell if it counted or if someone in alliance just did a few battles. I would be great if it does. i do a lot of raids XD

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I also noticed the names of the ppl you raided with will appear on recently battled list

Yeh they counts, both battle and incubs. Incubs counts +4/player after a successful raid

Our team has a lot of activity, so it’s hard to gauge if the battle and incubator count is coming directly from the raids. I hope we hear straight from Ludia for confirmation soon. :slight_smile: