Do Scent Capsules attract dinosaurs based on time of day?


I was hoping to use a common scent capsule to attract velociraptors by activating it at night, it doesn’t seem to have worked.
Does anyone know if the capsules attract the Dinos based on time or day that they would usually appear?

Thanks in advance


Would love to know as well.


Can confirm that the common scent capsules has helped me on getting a handful of velociraptors at night. On a good capsule run, I could probably find two or three.


It definitely is affected by time of day. Have done 30+ and attracted day creatures in day and night at night.


Can confirm it is dependent on time of day. However, if you really want to make sure you get the dinos that seem to spawn during the day or dusk and dawn, the safest route is still to go the day time route. I’ve done couple of epic capsules just now during dusk but at various parts of zone 1. Instead of getting Kentrosaurus as I had hoped, all I got were Concavenators (which is an anytime spawn). I will try that again during day time to see if I fare better.

Edit to add: Waited till night time to try another epic capsule. I walked around while the scent capsule was on: only 2 epics this time (Mono and Bary), 6 Diplocaulus, 2 Iguanodon and 2 Diplocaulus Gen 2.


I think these capsule works according to your time and area.
So it mostly spawn dinos able to appear in your local group, and at the time you use.

(EX: If you open a capsule at night, it will almost impossible to attract Apato, which is a daylight spawn dino.)


I did one at night and I didnt get any raptors :pensive: just a few gen 2’s


I also use scent capsules at night, and it attracts v-raptor as well, but everything depends on RNG, so two days ago when I activated the scent, 2 v-raptor knocked at my door, yesterday no and a v-raptor at 157 meters was trolling me because I was already in bed and didn’t dart her :sweat_smile:


By the way … Pterodan can spawn from an Epic scent capsule at night. I seem to recall someone finding it in the wild during day a few days earlier but the fact that mine spawned from a capsule at night seems to suggest that it may be an any time spawn.


I got an epic (Secondacusus*) from a common capsule so anything is possible


Night capsules usually give me lots of deinocheirus (“Dino Cheerios” as I call him) and sarcosuchus. Blergh.

I walked with a couple yesterday and did get 4 spawns each instead of 3, so that’s good to know when I have time.


Deinocheirus and sarcosuchus are local spawn so you have used your scent in a L2 one. It’s pretty lucky because deino are used to make a powerful unique and it takes 2000 of them per roll. I’m looking after them more than raptors :innocent:


Really don’t know, had 3 epic Spino at night in Local Spawn 3, and second time 2 Koolasuchus in Local Spawn 4 during day time! I was expecting to farm some Rajasaurus in L4


I still haven’t figured out location spawns. I get tons of deino at work all day and usually that’s the one that spawns a the end of our 150m driveway at night. I have tons of him and dilophosaurus, but rarely ever get oranosaurus, so it’s pretty worthless to me. :confused:


Ourano are pretty rare, and you could see (the most sought after) secodontosaurus and stegoceratops sometimes.
I’m sure if you walk around you could find some as many I got are from on-place spawn (spawn you have to be at the place to see it pops)

Good luck !


I play as a passenger for 2 hours a day. It’s probably been a month since I’ve seen Ourano in the wild. Got a einasuchas in the middle of the highway this morning, though!