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Do scents attract featured dinosaurs?

It is known that scents attract Dinos according to your zone and day/night time. But is there also a higher chance of getting the weakly featured ones? If so, it would totally make sense to use (epic) capsule in current St. Patrick’s Day’s week, since any featured Dino is extremely useful.

Without actually knowing for sure… Ive always felt featured dinos seem to spawn a little higher then normal in there normal spawns. Case in point i saw quite a few touja today that were not from an event spawn. But these were always in an L3… so if you wanna wait till erli is out then got to an l3 and pop an epic you may or may mot have luck…

But i wouldnt go poping an epic at your home expecting to get anky unless you live in a park.

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Sorry to say, featured dinos are not attracted by ordinary scent capsules… The only time you can get featured dinos through scents, is if Ludia puts an event-specific scent capsule on sale, such as the “Scent of Claws”, for example…

Edit: They do attract ingredient dinos, featured from time to time to help new players obtain hybrids (this week its Gallimimus)…

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I’ve used 5 minutes scent to get Gallimimus spawning just next to me. So I think it is possible.

Edited : But if you were refering to the St. Patrick’s creatures, I don’t think so. Never spawned one for me.