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Do sents not work on Weekly creatures?

So, for a while now. I’ve trying to use my Giga Scents and Rare scents on Tusedays to lure Elsamotheriums, yet bizarrely. They never show up no matter what kind of lure I use.

I know it’s not an area thing, because Elsmotheriums do spawn in my area, and annoying right out of my radius.
So do weekly creatures just… not count when it comes to using scents?

The daily migration creatures are not attracted to scents. Elasmo could be gotten from scents last week because it was part of the hybrid pursuit, which overrides the daily migration exclusion.

So you can’t get tany, marsupial lion, ophia, etc from scents.

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They don’t work on those. Only global, local, and hybrid pursuit stuff. Rarely it may attract stuff from another local.

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