Do Supply Drops EVER drop Hard Cash?


I’ve activated 100’s of Supply Drops as a VIP, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hard Cash come from a Supply Drop, even though it’s supposedly seeded in 2 of the three prize levels in most drops. What’s the deal? The drop rate is absurdly low, if it drops at all.


You must be extremely unlucky or not do loads of supply drops in one run. Im hitting the max almost every day; today was an exception but still got 40. I do 2h bike tours around my neighbourhood. In total i might spin around 50+ drops since i go by bike. I can also spin from home but can’t do this all the time; supply drop is slightly out of range lol. But i try to spin every once in a while.


Yes - they exist.
BUT there is a DAILY Limit.
Think its 20 cash from what I am seeing.
Which is pretty much crap.


For non-vip its 10.
For VIP its 50.


I must be extremely unlucky because I have only got cash maybe 5 times and I am a VIP member. I didn’t think it even dropped cash until 2 days ago and I only got cash that one day. :-/


Try to spin the green supply drops maybe. For me (not VIP) it works like this. I don’t receive any bucks spinning the blue supply drops, but if I go to the green ones I usually receive 10 bucks almost every day.


I ´ve been playing thw game practically since it was launched, but I have never got any money from them, just coina and darts, I really dont understand why there´s a money icon on them. The only way I can get money it´s from the free incubators, it´s meaning between 12 and 16 bucks a day…


I do reach daily VIP limit for cash frequently.


Yep! I’ve got a few within walking distance of my home an one of them regularly gives me $10, not much, but as it’s only 1min away it’s worth da walk.


I’m VIP an I’ve never got 50


I do get cash from the supply box, the greens supply box give more.


Used to bike around town for 2-ish hours, hitting max cash daily, rarily not getting it (actively spinning 100+ supply drops daily).


Walmart ones do :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: