Do the Devs actually pay attention?

I see a lot of suggestion and comments here. Has anyone actually ever gotten an acknowledgement from the Devs, or seen anything they suggested be implemented?

If not, the forum seems rather useless, and perhaps even gimmicky…making players feel like their feedback is worth something. It wouldn’t be the first time a game tried to string users along for the revenue.

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Nothing from the devs. One guy that directs people to support.

And support is useless.

Quite frankly, I don’t think they give a damn.


So seems Ludia and its devs are same as alot others .
Why have forum or even support when they dont care to even reply ??

Hey Grant, our team reads and appreciates all the suggestions and feedback from everyone. :smile:

We relay ideas back to our team as well. However, we can’t promise whether they will get implemented or not. :sweat:

It is kinda telling for the future of the game when the devs don’t communicate with the players.

I requested a reset 3 days ago and have only received an automated response which is literally nothing more than an excuse for why they’re not responding which is basically “sorry, we’re busy”. I wonder if WotC is aware of how bad Ludia’s community support is.

And the short answer about the devs is no, they don’t pay attention. They don’t care about player feedback or player experience. They’re only in it for the cash grab.

UPDATE! I finally got a response to my request for a reset. Here it is:
EDIT: we’re not allowed to post conversations with support staff so I had to remove the screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Interesting choice of words. You’re going to “destroy” my account? LOL :joy:

UPDATE! It’s now nearly 9 hours later and my account still hasn’t been reset, er… I mean DESTROYED :joy:


LOL - probably auto correct cuz they didn’t spell restored properly

Yeah, support is proving to be completely useless for me as well.

Its been few weeks since game was out on android and no update was made since then. There was plenty of bug and suggestion propose on this forum. Its quite obv this is just a money grab using D&D licence. Just don’t clinch to much and w8 for Baldurs Gate 3.