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Do the gold books working as intended?

Is it correct that gold bonus is being deducted from total gold you receive, not just from the bonus? If so, I take all I said about Ludia’s logic in rates and will think twice about forcing to be at least minimally positive about these kind of changes…

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Same for exp book. Total exp, not just bonus exp, being deducted from the limit.

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Implementation of the paltry spellbook caps has proven universally unfavorable amongst players. These limits have become an unnecessarily significant gripe, soiling the beneficial features included in the latest update.

I recommend swiftly removing or increasing these profoundly inadequate limits.

On another note, teaming the introduction of spellbook limits with the addition of a second monthly pay-tier (Quest Pass) concurrent with the reopening global economy seems to have been an unwise choice. The significant decline in player activity over the past few days exemplifies this concern.

Perhaps a simple change such correcting the spellbooks or making a grand gesture such as including the quest pass within the monthly VIP membership will placate dissatisfied players and forestall ongoing player discussions regarding abandoning the game.