Do they even test this stuff?


Finally made my Alankylosaurus tonight, got it to level 18. Bring it out in battle (Lockwood) and I put up my (supposed) long invincibility. Their megalosuchus hits back with the automatic counter attack, I take 0 damage. Megalo then throws up their defense - I take no damage, but then my shield disappears… I don’t really see how that was two turns (half of one turn, and then half of another does not equal two in my mind). Am I missing something, or is this just another one of those dumb bugs we get dumped on us all the time? I mean, now shields are all screwed up (in more ways than one), damage preview is wrong, battles just end (connection error my fanny) and how many other stupid little glitches?

Frustrating, unprofessional, and clear evidence of the cash grab going on.


I’m confused, i didn’t think using invincible caused counter attacks to happen.


Today my stegodeus was hit by thagomizer and although i used ss to cleanse (2 times in a row) it didnt cleanse. I had to play with the slowing with 5 turns! Lol.
Eventually he brought a Trex and finished me because he played first.
I really think they dont test it, or if they do, they just dont care. I only see ludia making a worst game day after day


I think @Zendrexin is right. That first attack wasn’t a counter attack because counter attacks don’t happen when you use invincibility. It seems like that was their first attack.


yup. i don’t think they care. if i didn’t have so much invested in this game i would have quit already. it’s really not even fun anymore. arena 3-7 were interesting. but 8+ is like the same game over and over and over and over again. with RNG and bugs deciding every game. :sleeping:


Two hits on the shield and it’s gone, regardless of those hits being counter attacks or direct hits.


Something isn’t adding up. Long invincibility does no damage so megalosuchus would not have countered. Are you sure it wasn’t a regular attack?


That probably is a bug. You should report it as a bug i am sure they will fix it


The strike event with Giraffetitan this week hit my sinoraptor with bellow. I remained slow for the whole strike event (she’s really high level so she just ranked all the hits). But I was slowed for like 9 rounds. It’s annoying how many bugs they create in battle with each update