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Do tournament battles count

Simple question.

Do tournament battles count toward alliance mission tasks?

The reason I’m asking is that I know a fair few of our alliance are in the tourney yet we are a bit behind in battles on defence tasks this week.

I wanted to test this out for you to give you an answer, but our alliance doesn’t have a battle mission right now to complete. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for trying.

It seems did that no one appears to know the answer to this.

Maybe the mods can give you an answer? :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope so, let’s see if there is one on soon :smiley:

Really, no one knows?

I’m sure they used to count, but I remember reading something not long ago that said it had changed…

Anyone know?

Yes they do

Well that’s kind of odd because I asked on the JWA discord and other alliances asked support, who said the tournament battles DO NOT count towards the alliance missions. Only arena battles do now.

This is a reply to a reply, because the first response was very vague

Sorry, thought I posted a picture here? Nvm

I’m pretty sure they do, they do count for daily missions so I am sure tourney battles count, same goes to friendly battles.

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I know I read somewhere that they don’t since the last update.

We can all guess but clarification would be great.

I think they reduced the amount of battles required for the alliance missions, but tempered that with the tournament battles no longer counting.

Some tourneys count some don’t. Depends on ludy crews’ mood.

You mean the cheater tournament?

Well I don’t think this one counts since the defence missions battles were slower to reach than ever this week.

Could someone from Ludia please clear this one up for absolute clarity.

Do tournament battles count towards defence missions battles fought targets or not?

Can anyone from Ludia officially answer this please?

It really doesn’t seem too much to ask.

Yes, they should, Schtemty. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ned, but that seems really odd because our alliance had lots of members battling in the tournament, yet the numbers on our alliance mission battles weren’t going up!

That’s a definite yes then?
Tournament battles count towards alliance missions for sure?

Confirmed with our team. However, if you believe that there is an issue with it not counting towards your Alliance Mission, I can definitely let our team know so they can take a closer look.

Thanks Ned, good to know and we will watch for that next time :+1:

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