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Do tournaments repeat? I quit for a while and missed out on so many tournaments!

Title says it all…

@KHDoodies welcome to the forum! As far as I know, almost every creature has had at least 2 unlock tournaments… Which one are you looking for?

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June 27 |

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@KHDoodies welcome to the forum! As far as I know, almost every creature has had at least 2 unlock tournaments… Which one are you looking for?

Im looking for all of them to be honest. But mainly the popular ones like Mosasaurus, Woolly Mammoth and Titanoboa. I also heard theres a one where they gave you an Indominus Rex. Im also looking fo the Gorgosaurus one to fuse the Gorgosuchus hybrid.

Welcome back,and welcome to the time where gorgosuchus,the best amphibian in the game is beat by the best carnivores in the game with ease

Umm… ok? But Im only lvl 55. My strongest dino is my Lvl 20 Rajastega (legendary hybrid). It used to be a pretty big deal, but now theres Superhybrids and all sorts of other overpowered dinos catered to VIPs lmao… This game has changed… for the worse. But still, how do I get my dinos?


Okay,every Monday you have an event for unlocking specific creatures which I am sure you are aware of,either those events or, battle stages and tournaments. CoT as well. Why do you have Rajastega level 20 at level 55? I am level 66 and have only 3 level 10’s those Rajastegas will mess your ferocity.

Search De Mystifying Ferocity by @Sionsith .

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First, everyone get SDNA to make super hybrids.

Second, until you are park level 60, you haven’t unlock Clash of the Titians. Which is a tournament unlock ever month.

After that, are you able to finish in dominator in tournaments?

Fix these two things and you can start unlocking the Dino’s yo7 want as they rotate through.

Oh I see, am I not supposed to have a Level 20 Rajastega?

I finish in Dominator 1st place for the Archelon Tournament easily, idk why. Maybe becuz it wasnt that fierce of a competition. Im not sure but I remembered all I did was using my best 2 triad of dinos daily to keep my spot. I actually also competed in the first ever tournament (Mosasaurus). But becuz it was the first, competition was fierce, there were a ton of real players that were going all out. My dino were also not that strong at that time, so I failed to make it into Dominator League.

Okay,cause it breaks the balancing,you might have a far better line up,but most players understand level 55 have not much more than level 30 legendaries ,and they are building a deeper bench,while the Rajastega can break the PvE balancing and make your daily events harder.

Ya however he finishing in dominator at lvl 55 at the first spot is getting me curious, we were fighting for the 100th spot In the inom gen 2 tourney and we were lvl 60+ :joy: @DaWise_Weirdo


@Dino_Rex mai bhi, yaar… (Translation - me too)

The Archelon tournament was years ago… XD

Im sure I wouldnt even have made it past Prey for the Indominus league. That League seems competitive as heck

If tournaments didn’t repeat we would have about 100 more tournament creatures. In other words, yes. Though it might take a while.This month’s CoT is Segnosaurus. I would get to lvl 60 as quickly as possible if I were you.

I also have no idea how I finished in Dominator first place… Maybe its becuz everyone else were bots, all their profile pictures were just “JW” and their names were also JW with a lot of numbers. I also found a trick that might have got me to the top. The moment the tournament starts, go all out, use the appropriate dinos to battle ur way up the leagues and ranks. Becuz when the tournament first start, most, if not, all of the “players” in the tournament are bots, and one thing I noticed is, bots tend to have the same number of trophies. There can be as many as 30-40 bots that have like for example , 50 trophies. So when u get above 50 trophies, u rise above all 30-40 of them at once and you can make it to Dominator in less than an hour. Im serious

Everyone are bots in tournaments.

Whats a CoT?

Clash of Titans. Unlocks at level 60.

If you complete 28 events in a month you can play clash of titans, an unlock event for tournament creature