Do we get a for christmas?

I have a suggestion of what we get. Free epic incubator.

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An event week full of legendaries and uniques. Way better than any incubator :wink:


Then we get Unique Hybrid.

Its not even thanksgiving* yet :joy:

I’m all about appreciating the moment that I’m in right now…
and hopefully this moment lets me level indo twice!
been a bad boy but thanks for the early present Santa :santa:

*substitute: Black Friday Sales for @Heather

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Ummm some of us don’t do thanksgiving :roll_eyes:


no black friday sales either??

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We adopted those but only about 4 years ago :joy::joy:

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I think everyone would be fine.

We got Guy Fawkes before you guys have Thanksgiving!

As for Christmas I think we should all get a Premium Incubator (they bigger than epics?) to say thank you to us all for putting up with so many bugs and glitches since 1.4 was released!

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That’s the speech.

I used part of my tournament winnings to get that
“premium” OTO for getting into Lockwood…
Imagine 800+ epic DNA split between Secodontosaurus and Gryposuchus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’d was kicking myself but in all fairness, there was plenty of evidence before hand indicating that Ludia incubators tend to give out trash.

Lesson Learned (again)

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This like it

So Scotland is ahead of Finland maybe 2-3 years :smiley: That’s when stores here started to campaign black friday sales.

Don’t forget this annoying rng

every friday is black, if you are heather.


everyone getting something is the equivalent to everyone getting nothing.
think inflation.


Right?! Handouts of legendaries and uniques would just keep the playing field exactly the same as it is now while devaluing the work that other people put into obtaining them :roll_eyes:

now, a strike event where you could win a legendary incubator or something would be cool. you gotta earn it though by having your team built up enough to beat it.

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I forget who but someone suggested that epic towers should give the DNA of the AI Dino instead of random crap from an incubator …
I actually really like that idea. HBU?


i don’t really feel like fightning secodontosaurus, koolasuchus and spinosaurus gen 2 twice a week though :unamused:

i guess concavenator too. but we aren’t all in love with it as much as you are, with you team of 8 level 31s :eyes: