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Do we get to request EPIC dinos in the alliances?


Ludia, I am kind of wondering whether we will be able to request any Epic dinos in the Alliance requests, in the coming releases? As everyone working on the same hybrid Epic/Legendary/Unique, we are already hitting the threshold on common and rare dino DNAs. Looking forward to see Epic dinos be able to requested.

For me, I hardly find Baryonyx, where others have tons of them. I have Rajasaurs like 3k and I am sure I will not going down the path for Rajakylo. So I am ready to donate all my Raja. There might be many different/other scenarios and combinations with the 50-user alliances. Looking forward to more “sharing others == caring others”.

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All I’m gonna say is this isn’t the best idea… If Epic DNA is not traded on a weekly basis, or monthly, it will absolutely break the game.