Do we have reliable info on when tournaments start?


In some other threads I’ve seen some supposition that tournaments may start tomorrow based on the end of the self reporting window.

Has Metahub or other reliable site released a date? I’m particularly curious because I’m hanging on to arena 8 by the tip of a claw and wonder about the “rewards” for trophy setback.


Wasnt the trophy reset applicable to anyone over 3500 trophies, not the 4000 needed for arena 8. So you should be covered there. Still, I’m interested in the date for tournaments too :smiley:


No. We have no official word on the reset or the tournament season.


Rip my 4500+ trophies when it does :joy:


Haha I know what you mean. Get as high as you can now and take a picture. It might be awhile until you can get back


Unless a good portion of these top 500 are actually cheaters and get banned :joy: im just curious if top 500 get better rewards for being reset than people who are just over 3500 so im being try hard and making sure i stay top 500 till its reset lol


I’m guessing top 500 will matter for tournament but they have stated the reward this time will simply be for everyone above 3500. So don’t count on anything special. My goal has been to get to top 100 and this morning I hit 80 so I’m already quite happy.