Do we need more arenas?

I think we could really use more arenas to fix matchmaking. I am currently in the aviary and sometimes go into the library facing level 28-30 teams and my team cannot do anything against. I think we should have another arena between the aviary and the library to try and help matchmaking. I am sure there are other arenas like this but I cannot say which arenas.


We def need more arenas in the library-aviary area: so I think:

Aviary: 4500 to 5000 (All players currently above 4750 will automatically have a trophy boost to 5000)
Indominus Paddock: 5000 to 5500 (All players currently 5000 to 5500 will have a trophy boost to 5500)
Lockwood Library: 5500 to 6000 (All players currently 5500 to 6000 will have a trophy boost to 6500)
Game Trail: 6000 to 6500 (All players currently 6000 to 6500 will have a boost to 6500)
Gyrosphere Depot: 6500 to 7000 (All players currently 6500 to 7000 will have a boost to 7000)
Nublar Shores: 7000 to 7500
MantahCorp Island (Random whether you’re in Snow, Desert, Taiga, Jungle, or Swamp) 7500+


Hope I got the numbers right!

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hmm, yes, a new arena will be good, after aviary and after shores, who is bored seeing Idgt fighting in the beach again and again>>


The arena is just a label, the game doesn’t really account for it when matchmaking (i.e. you can be matched against players not in your arena - this has been confirmed). The game uses your trophy count in matchmaking, but it doesn’t seem to care about the subdivisions that arenas represent. And why should it: if you have 4499 trophies, is it more fair to be matched against someone with 4001 trophies in your arena or 4501 trophies in a different arena? But if arenas are artificial, this means that adding more won’t actually change anything in matchmaking. You’re going to still have the same trophy count, and therefore still get the same matches, just maybe with a different background. Not saying that we don’t need matchmaking fixes, but adding more arenas isn’t really going to do anything.


damn i was just about to ask you about 40001 cups, yet you edited faster lol

(asking as a joke)

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Lol that would DEFINITELY have been the less fair matchup :joy:

I suppose if it is a range based system then more arenas will not really do anything

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Yeah, maybe expanding the range itself would help, but people seem to have a natural cap at the end of shores anyway so I’m not even sure if that would do anything. And I’m sure there are behind the scenes things they can change about how much they weigh certain factors which could also improve matchmaking.

So this is why I’m facing full level 30 teams in aviary….

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More arenas, different rewards for each arena (currently Aviary, Library, Gyro, and Shores all give the exact same rewards, which is part of why people drop to get faster battles with the same rewards), and more reset points (it’s ridiculous that someone at 5990 trophies gets reset to 5499 while someone with 6010 trophies gets reset to 5950).


Completely agree. We need incentive to risk spending too much time on lengthly rng battles every day and feel like we’re missing something big if we drop

See to me changing this would probably get to the core problem behind poor matchmaking much more directly.

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