Do we really need repeated unlocking?

I’ve been playing since September 2019 without losing the unlock events each week, and so far I don’t have Psephoderma and several other creatures unlocked.
I am already at the maximum level and after the changes in the Cenozoic creatures and in the battle stage reward I can no longer access the unlocking of these creatures, and I am indignant that Ludia keeps repeating the same unlockings of irrelevant creatures.
They were supposed to unlock these creatures for us, as they did for people of the highest level who didn’t have some rare dinos after the move, I didn’t have the rhamphorhynchus and won their automatic unlocking later without having to do an event.
I hope one day I will have a chance to unlock the psephoderma …

I’m playing for over three years and I still have 6 creatures unlocked.
It can take a long time but in the end you will get the possibility to unlock almost everything. And by the way, 6 months of playing is not very long for the timeframe in which Ludia thinks.

Some of these creatures may be irrelevant for you and me but I think that Ludia is still hoping for a constant flow of new beginners and they have to satisfy their needs too.


I am right there with you. I need that blasted turtle!

I understand, but the repeated unlocking happens every 2 weeks, the psephoderma has already reached 4x for those who are below level 45 (if I’m not mistaken), the uintatherium already had an event a few days ago, why not rotate it? put uintatherium for people below lvl45 and other super rare ones like psephoderma for us on lvl+45 ?
If Ludia only thinks about the new players, the old ones will get tired of the game because they always have the same thing.

You got a point. But I think that is a part of their strategy to keep some creatures very rare while you get flooded with others. It took me more than 1.5 years to get a level 40 Stegosaurus, in the same time I had 4 level 40 Quetzalcoatlus.
Nowadays Kaprosuchus and Aerotitan are the standard dinos in modded PvPs for many months. I could cry each time the spinning wheel stops on one of them, and it happens quite often.


Being a newer player, I think that Ludia goal is to keep feeding newer players while keeping a few carrots dangling for long term players needed certain unlocks.