Do we want to chat with our friends?


Am I right you put friends in the game now put a chat bar with it too!


Yeah. I hate bothering people when there out hunting. A chat could help us alot. At least give us a status opinion to choose from.


I would love a chat system. I walk my dogs in the morning before work and latter at night when the sun goes down so they are not so hot during the walks and I get spammed with requests to battle during both times and all I can do is leave the request up or decline and feel bad as I can’t tell them I’m busy. Even if it was just pre-made messages like “walking dogs” or “busy try back in 1 hour” or “out hunting Dino’s”.


:raised_hand: I do! I do!

Even just to say “gg” after a friendly battle, or a taunt or two.


Yeah I would love that too


I’d like the option to send a quick pre-approved message to a person after a match. Good game, that was close, or send friend request after the match without trying to remember which of the list of names it just was, since it sorts them by trophies in the “recently battled” section instead of by when you battled.

I played a little archery game for a short time that allowed some smiley faces indicating taunts, nice shot, nice game, etc that could be sent while it’s the other player’s turn, it was nice.


Yeah, preset messages/emojis/reactions would be simple but effective.


Yeah it’s really simple and cool


Sounds like a good idea but would end up being used to insult people. I see some people with too much time would add people that beat them in arena and then spam them with horrible msges etc. We already have facebook messenger don’t need it as part of this game as we can already switch to facebook send msg to friend you want a friendly battle and then back into game without issue. A status for showing wether you are up for friendlies and some basic emojis during battle would rock though


Definately! My 4 year old son looks forward to our battles in the afternoons and always wants to put in random (weaker) dinos, now with friendly battles he can and he just wants to battle whoever is online, he sits watching the request in antcipation! I know when I’m hunting I don’t have time to battle and having a decline with msg would be great!


Yes, this would be great. Maybe even with your recent opponent who’s not a friend yet.

Any abuse could surely be dealt with.


Quick chats only would be the way to go, but even then can be abused… Look at any major online game for examples. Luckily 4-8 yr olds may not understand sarcasm yet but that stuff abounds in online gaming


I’d welcome friends chat too


Oh please no, I have enough of you all here already


It would be a handy feature so I can let people know that I’m hunting and that I can battle in a little while instead of just declining their challenges without a word. It would also be cool if you could watch your friends play if you’re just killing time. Like be able to see their screen during battles or whatever they’re doing in the game. Maybe that’s going too far though.


some dino emojis would be awesome!