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I don’t know where everyone is at who will read this but if your still in your one’s or early teens in player level, this is a way to go to keep from getting funneled down into the boosting trap of only 8 play worthy over boosted creatures stuck in a mindless end game. At this point in JWA, the end game is a rat race.

If your already in your early 20’s with your team, a 2nd account is really nice for this strategy.

This is my team of creatures. I hit the 70 mark. This is my pool of creatures to make my teams of 8.

Today I decided to put together a “Stunning Team”. Well, except for Pyrotator who I just was able to make today and wanted to try it out. Every creature has a stunning move or two. Seeing how the 75% chance of stun works 100% of the time, I though it’d be fun to play.
I lost one and won one, partly because my opponent had immune Procera. The team I won had a level 21 boosted Indoraptor. Both were good strategic games.

Yesterdays team was good as well. I created “The Evaders”. These were better than I thought they would be. I only had 6 in the 15-16 level range.
Todays%20Team .

How many upper level players can completely switch their teams out and still win 50% of their games? In the boosted rat race Ludia created, they can’t. I can’t on my primary account but I can on my 2nd account here.

Below are creatures for “Themed Teams”. These are a lot of fun. I like the long necks even though they aren’t the best. I do still win with them. An all bleeder team isn’t as great as what you might think but still fun to pull on other players.

So if your tired of the rat race, start a 2nd account and make them all and play them all.


Is it possible to bring together a team of pure counter attack dinos at this level?

I threw this together quickly with what I have with counter attacks. I should bring up Carnotaurus, Purrolyth and Miragaia to 15 and then I will have 9 counter attackers I can use. I need to bring Miragaia up anyway for a legendary I need to start working on.


Haha would love to see a video of your counter attack team in action.

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There are a few flying birds that have the counter attack and having a bird team is in the works for later. I only have 4 flyers at the moment but I have 5 with enough DNA to bring up. A couple need to be brought up to 15 for another legendary I need but I don’t have enough to get one all the way to 15 and then to fuse on top of that. As of now, we can’t play with flyers in the sanctuary’s. I have to hope for an event with these.

Commendable and respected :slightly_smiling_face:


how to have a 2nd account? another phone? :thinking:

I often do these kind of themed teams in friendlies and it’s so much fun. I think the counter attack one is one of the most challenging haha

You can just log out and back in with a different facebook/Google play account. Dunno if the ios appstore allows it though

I have a Google and Facebook account.

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i thought someone months ago stated here that Ludia bans if one have more than 1 account. :scream:

You should give a course on how to make those nice “infographic”.

  • How did you get all the dinos (or basically how long it took, since it seem you’ve been doing it in the game itself) I’m assuming lots of screen capture, then a lot of cutting to get each dinos???
  • Final tool you used to make the title/background (I would use a spreadsheet, but you seem to use something much better)