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Do you agree or disagree? (#2) 🤔

Hello Everyone! :smiley:

Today is starting the Second Episode of a new temporary series (replacing “Your Version of” until 1.15 comes out) where I put several random situations and you say whether you agree or not! :wink:

Before I start, I would like to present a mascot, where he will help me present this series … well his name is Irritator! Wel-

Wait a second … where’s Irritator? What you do with him? :flushed:

Anyway, let’s get started! :neutral_face:

Situation Number 1:

Do you agree with people who only use immune creatures to get along? :shushing_face:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 2:

If Carnotaurus Gen 2 (Carnny) were ever added, would you like it to be invisible? :ghost:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 3:

Do you agree with the game’s decision to add Permian creatures? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 4:

Do you agree with people for not knowing English, speaking their own language in the alliance chat? :white_flag::black_flag:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 5:

Do you agree with alliances that demand strict rules such as: play in the arena daily, play tournaments and make highlights, compel your members to play the tournament, be active daily, not being able to place random creatures in the sanctuary and only put 1 type of creature? :angry:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 6:

Do you agree with people who do not go out to hunt (even when there is no pandemic)? :derelict_house:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree! :unamused:

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Situation Number 7:

Do you agree with the sale of SB in the store? :heavy_plus_sign::facepunch::fast_forward:

  • I agree! :smiley:
  • I don’t agree!:unamused:

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{Well … that was the Second Episode. The purpose of this new series is to give a little fun and not harm anyone!} :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry for any mistake, I did my best and hope to improve over time…

You can leave suggestions and arguments. Everyone is welcome! :star_struck:


A little suggestion. Add options such “Somewhat agree” and Somewhat disagree"


Thanks for the sugestion. I’ll do it!

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As a clarification.

  1. Yes. If certain abilities were not so strong and/or so prevalent then people wouldn’t need the immune creatures so much.

  2. Yes. I think a cloak ability of Carnotaurs G2 would be a nice homage to Crichton’s novel.

  3. Yes. I want more dinosaurs but I also want more prehistoric creatures, Permian included.

  4. Yes. It makes it awkward but it isn’t a problem. That is what google translate is for. :slight_smile:

  5. No. I do not agree with such draconian restrictions.

  6. I put no but it’s more complicated than that. The Arena I can understand not playing but hunting is an integral part of the game and I don’t quite understand why you wouldn’t if you are capable of doing so. But that is up to the individual.

  7. No. Boosts should be from free sources only. We wouldn’t have so much trouble in the Arena if this was the case.

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I liked your clarification and explanations. This helps a lot to understand other opinions and points of view! :wink:

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No problem. Your two topics have made me ponder re-opening my youtube channel for JWA and covering these in more depth.

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Clarifying my choice at #5.

Put no, but it is a bit complicated. If the alliance had those rules from the beginning and new members are informed, then I’m fine with strict rules. If the alliance started out one way and the a vocal few (not the leader) started to change it from the inside to a more strict thing, that’s where I have a problem.


This is a very good thing, I am happy to hear that!

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Definitely agree everyone should be allowed to speak their native language, it would be pretty sad to not allow that. I’d not appreciate being mandated to English only that’s for sure! That’s why google translate exists, and duolingo :wink:

I would like to see the immune meta end, but it’s basically forced for progression right now. With so many immunities going on, it’s just a game of who is faster and has higher stats, which is pretty joy killing.

I’d love a Carnotaurus G2 that can Cloak, but I think it’d need a kit makeover to work. Cloak cancels when you do physical damage, so if it stuck with a counterattack, your priority Cloak would 99% of the time see that 2X used on your counter. I’m thinking something like this:

Carno G2

4000 HP
1100 Attack
124 Speed
20% Critical

  • Vulnerability Strike
  • Ferocious Impact
  • Cloak

So it’s finally a fast Carno, and it’s sort of in the Baryonyx/Irritator family stat range.

And I do enjoy the Permian creatures personally, they add some cool variety to the dinodex. I would like some dinos though soon too :sweat_smile:

Speed boosts need deleting honestly. HP and damage, fine, so be it. But speed boosts upend the whole balance that used to exist. A 139 speed Thor should not exist. A 150 speed Gorgosuchus should not exist. A 160 speed Indo2 should not exist. Speed should be a locked stat like armor and critical rate.


That would be very strong, I liked it! :smiling_imp:

In fact, great points of view! About having a counter-attack and cloak wouldn’t really work … I never thought of that before!


Here is the schedule of the episodes of the series (as we do not know the date of the Update, we may have more or less episodes):

06/27 - Saturday (#3)
06/28 - Sunday (#4)

07/04 - Saturday (#5)
07/05 - Sunday (#6)

07/11 - Saturday (#7)
07/12 - Sunday (#8)

07/18 - Saturday (#9)
07/19 - Sunday (#10)


Dude toast with cloak would be awesome

About number 5, I get that lots of peeps don’t speak a lick of English, but communication, especially when building sancs, is very important and must be understood as soon as possible.

If the Spanish guy can’t learn English, I’ll find him a Spanish alliance. It makes it easier for all parties involved


See you later Carnny!

It’s a carnotaurus


Next DYAOD question suggestions:

Do you agree with people who attack Indo Gen 2 users?
Boosted or non boosted?
‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ Do you agree?
Would you rather have buff old creatures or nerf new creatures?
More dinosaurs or aquatics?


I agree all of them! @Indankraptor

Well … I thought I’d have a little fun in the arena using immune creatures and I was surprised! I won a battle using Indominus Rex Gen 2 (15), Ardonto (20), Maxima (21 - SB) and Nightmare Chicken (21 - SB).

I used Maxima and Erlido which are strong creatures, but my Indominus Rex Gen 2 almost managed to kill a level 22 Thor (but unfortunately my opponent switched to Dilophoboa … but still my Indom 2 killed one of his creatures)

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When are you going to show us the third episode? @Carnotaurus gen 2 and @Stygimoloch_29

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Saturday :wink:

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