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Do You Bleed? (wadaya mean no!?!?)

Short answer: NO.

Nothing makes Maxima swap out faster than a bleeder!


At least you have two bleeders?

Yeah. I use Sucho and Thyla.


Nice always prepared

I like to use Sucho followed by Pterovexus on the ardentis…now it’ll be a problem if the ardentis users swap

I think players are willing to start with Maxima, because if it draws against a bleeder it can just swap out and let someone else take the hit.
Then Maxima can come back in later and smash up whoever’s left at the end.


This image reminds me of old JWA when Sucho couldn’t bleed Maxima. So glad it’s over


I think people start with Maxima cause they dumped all their boosts into it and figure they can just use it as a crutch to whipe the other team with it. People like me are starting to catch on though. I am currently upgrading and boosting Thyla since I had a ton of dna for it.

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+1 but with my daryx. remember the time people swapped into Maxima when I introduced Daryx hjahahahah.