Do you enjoy to slay opponents hard and fast? I’m getting more and more disgusted

Is it REALLY fine to slay players in every battle?

Do you enjoy to see you opponents taking one hit and just die directly?

Is this REALLY a game? In terms where you otherwise would need to think, make a plan, evolve different dinos…

Is it REALLY okay to have a few dinos that just takes out everyone and everything?

For how long is this fun?

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Not another topic of whining.


Yes it is fine to slay players in every battle because that’s what battles are all about. People want to fight in the arena only for incubators, therefore yes, it is fine to slay opponents because the end game is to get the incubator, so that the player then doesn’t have to battle anymore until next time.

How long is this fun for? Much longer than reading these constant whining topics.


So losing with 3-0 is no problem for you?

And that’s fun?

@Moksha Maybe, just MAYBE, you could try to go a day without posting something where you complain about losing :rofl: we all lose, boosts are wild, the arena is crazy, the game might be broken, who knows… all I know is most people on the forum are sort of stopping the whole mindless complaining… we are disappointed, yes… but complaining and whining day in and day out will not change the current situation.
Ludia has said they are working on fixing the game, and it was a big mess so my guess is that it will take a while to fix it lol

We just have to be positive and hope for the best, and keep on giving them feedback and our thoughts about the game. But not repeating the same complains everyday.

Please take this as a friendly reply, at no point was I trying to offend you or anyone else.

Cheers mate :slight_smile:


It’s no problem for me no, because losing 3-0 is no different from losing 2-3 as far as the end result is concerned (with exception of daily battle incubator progress).

I never said it’s fun, the arena in general is not fun, and that was my opinion even before boosts.

The rest of the game is fun, the arena never is fun, it’s just a necessity.


I do sit and wonder how it’s possible to boost a team of dinos as high as many that I face daily in the Aviary . And for how long the player will enjoy wiping out the whole team with a fully boosted Thor , or a Draco with over 4000 health and damage .
The dynamic of the game has been fully destroyed by the boosts , it was obviously going to be the case . Slow dinos are no longer slow , fast dinos now have HP as high as tanks , and tanks have attack to match tyrants . All the efforts for a year to balance your team , and all the work by Ludia nerfing and boosting dinos where needed are now wasted and obsolete .
And before the usual bleating by those who don’t like negative observations , stop for a moment and show me I’m wrong .

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If you can not with them, join them.

create a team prepared to support that strategy, and copy their tactics … and when you have finished, start to CRUSH!

I did that with Dracoceratops, at the beginning I did not want to use it, but in the end I got tired and I did … I ended up going up in league relishing the revenge.



a 3-0 happens every once in awhile and YES!! i love doing it but it happens to me too… its a game dont take it personal…



Saw hard and fast in subject line.

Came in expecting juicy content…

Another cry me a river thread…

i feel for you. it seems like you have been having a really bad time this last month. if this is true then i really feel for you. im not having a blast but i enjoy the game everyday win lose or draw. but if you are coming here just to complain then i have no sympathy for you.

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It’s fun when I draw Lv27 7/6/6 Indo and get 2+ guaranteed kills, but I’d honestly give it up for arena to be fair again.


I try to win as quickly and efficiently as possible.
I don’t think I fully understand your post.
If I toyed with them not only would it be mildly insulting, but it could well blow up in my face.
I try not to get cocky and just win ASAP

Sarcasm intended I enjoy getting beaten 20x in a row for an incub.
Have to wait for about an hour for an incub.
After 3 hrs the process keeps repeating again.

I always thought that games should be fun. But getting beaten 20x in a row is not (I think so).

I always thought that hard work pays i.e. spend as much time grinding and levelling up your team. But within the context of JWA it is apparently not so. Thick wallets do. Boost your team to heavens and the game is fun again e.g. by bullying others.

So, battling which is the best aspect of the game is now broken. What’s left? Collecting dinos to complete the dino deck. Thanks but no thanks.

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As I see it,

It’s a satisfaction of having a cool high-levled tank (Giga,Stego,Trago) and using your shield and/or invisibility.

If you getting a bleed, you would need to change, swap in, swap out - Maby do something.

The games goes back and forth,

You can use the full potential of your own dino, even If it had only 10 health!


Because 10 health could make you win!

Many dinos could stay alive for 3-4-5 turns. It never happen any longer.

Did you play before Draco gen 2 ?

Or the tank-meta?

I seriously don’t like to be killed in 3 turns.

If you where playing as a Junior, would you like to be slayed of a senior?

I just mean, I can’t accept that everyone think it’s fine to crush and demolish other players hard work.

People should play with respect.

It’s a HUGE work behind every team, players should enjoy the game more.

People should play with respect? Respect for what? If I enter the arena, and the game happens to pick the 4 best of my 8 team and the opponent 4 worst of their 8 team and the end result is that I win 3-0 am I somehow playing with disrespect towards the other player?

You need to get over hurt feelings and just play the arena like everyone else.

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I mean: it‘s a GAME
Sure it is annoying if the matchmaking decides to give you opponents with boosts to the moon and you can tell from the first second that you will loose 0:3.
Had two of those opponents today and was quiet sad and annoyed.
But i can‘t deny that i sort if enjoy it when i can slay someone (happens only once a month but that‘s ok)

I used to get super agressive and angry over the arena and nearly throw my phone on the wall but the i thought „for what“ a stupid game which changed to pay to win? No way!

It‘s still annoying to loose everytime but not because of the Trophies or my current arena, i mostly get mad because i can‘t get incubators and so it is hard to come forward.

I do think that a lot of the time, those whining posts are from people who spent a lot of real money on the game and that‘s one thing i never did. I‘m playing this since it was released and spent maybe 50$ on it, because i bought the Level-Up Specials at the beginning.

Release the anger, just take it as a game. It‘s nothing important for your live. You can not go to a job interview and say „i am in the top 5 players on JW Alive!“ and think that would make a difference.

it‘s worth nothing in Real life!

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