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Do you guys agree gbax and hadros should be 3 rounds only instead of 4

4 rounds is too much. 3 round is ideal


yeah its really to much 3 is better

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3 is definitely better for Hadros, because i’m sick of raids that have counter-attack after every single move when they are 4 rounds long, 3 is bad enough.

So yeah sticking to 3 would be good.


Mortem is my favorite. You mostly need to use stuff that’s a little higher level (I know there are carry strats but they generally require luck) and it’s a quick two-round raid. All of these three-and-four-round raids that last 15-20 minutes thanks to counter-attacks are a transparent attempt to keep us all in the game as long as possible. It’s funny, though; I probably actually spend more time in mortem raids as I don’t mind helping several groups get through it, whereas I can only stand to do one ref or haast… it just doesn’t feel like I’m wasting as much time doing all those mortems.


3 rounds are better me and my alliance loses every time we make it to fourth round

Then that just means you aren’t ready for that Apex.

The rounds shouldn’t be shortened just because people can’t beat it, it should be about the amount of time such a raid takes up when it also has counter moves. Especially when you are doing it multiple times to help your alliance.

We can pass round three but all teammates are low on health