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Do you guys get the st patrick scent from the regular supply drop?

Because i’ve tried many times I only get it in the green supply drop.

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I’ve yet to get it from regular supply drops

I have. Took a bit but it happened

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Still get none st patrick scent from regular supply drop.

Over 150 SD spins every day, no Pattys day scent. Very irritating to miss out on this when I am putting in plenty of work

I haven’t been able to collect it from regular drops and special event drops, very dissapointing

I finally got one this morning

I did get one every day, you just need to spin a lot

i did get it from the event supply drop which doesnt need a lot of spin

yes u can get it from orange

i tried many times until I maxed out coins still not gettting it

Yes. Had three so far.