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Do you guys realize that you could do the gold incubator non stop

one of my alliance member told that they experience a bug issue which you could do the master incubator non stop.

wow, thats a problem but its a gud one lol

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you could farm coins

Farm coins?


OOps it wasnt the expert trial incubator. It was the master incubator event that you could do non stop. The calender was a bit wrong

Yeah, I would get to either step 4 or 5 and it would glitch out, and when I restarted it had turned into a different color event tower. I would go find another orange (gold) tower and start again. Once I did get to the end it never came back, but I think I got part way through it about 8 times.

good going, now they are gonna fix it. keep things to yourself


How did u do it, how to do the glitch

It was nothing I did. It just stopped working (when I pushed the Battle button nothing would happen) so I’d restart the game and be back at square one.

It was nothing to do with doing it non-stop. It was because it was meant to be a blue team tower, they put out a red team by mistake. They then fixed it by putting out another red team tower by mistake. They then finally fixed it by putting out a blue team tower that had red team opponents.

Nothing could be done non-stop, they just put out repeated towers. The reason the battle button stopped working was because they had removed the tower at that point.

There was a topic all about this the other day.