Do you have non-meta creature max level? :o

I heard about some players with t-rex lvl 30.
I saw a tanycolagreous lvl 30 this week…

What more? Do you people have others like these? Why?

Could somebody have tarbo or velo at lvl 30, once they are elements to tyrant uniques?

Is there any 1.7 creature at this level already?

I would say there are about 30 differently creatures at level 30, at least some are new to 1.7. Boosted too! No new players will ever catch up.

Also, not sure if Indominus is “meta” or not, but I’m L29, and 640/2500 and climbing.


I’ve a level 30 Tany and tbh she’s pretty awesome boosted to 5-5-5 at the moment but with the possibility of a new hybrid for her I’ll leave the boosts for her now.


I have a few that most people don’t use


that draco2 :scream:
your dracocera isnt lvl 30. :thinking:

i wonder what people do with dna collected for lvl 30.

should ludia upgrade max level again, to lvl 35 maybe? or create new hybrids? or allow remove back these dna from dinos to get coins back.


My DC is level 27 but i don’t use either unless it’s a tournament. My main 8 are too good to replace one with a cheap sucker puncher. It would be a downgrade.


My favorite one in the whole game. Him and Stegod have become bench warming buddies.


most of mine are non meta because they are mostly under 150 speed :grin:


hahahahahaha :rofl:

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I’d need a level 30 first :sweat_smile:

Delta is nearly there just 241 DNA to go for lvl 30 :grinning:

Because… Someone had to do it:


omg :scream:
now apply 10 tier boosts and we have a nighmare common.

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I got it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Meg :heart:

i have a level 30 non boosted Stegodeus. i’m not sure if it’s meta or whatever. it’s my only level 30 creature though.