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Do you have plans to be more then pvp

I downloaded this game because it showed up searching D&D in App Store. I haven’t deleted because of the limitless potential you have. What are some of the plans or ideas you toss around that don’t involve pvp? If your simply leveraging the D&D name for downloads, what a waste. I simply don’t understand how you can possibly be throwing away your golden opportunity, by just making a trash pvp system. I’m tired of playing a game that only brings me hopeless misery. So I’m asking is there anything outside of pvp to stick around for? If the whole plan is simply keep adding new pvp characters to get revenue from sales and items, that’s fine. I just need to move on to a game that offers something outside of pvp. In other games I’m normally a very nice guy, very helpful and positive for the community. This game isn’t providing me with any experiences that bring that side out of me. It is simply wasting my valuable time with experiences that leave a burning hatred of all things Ludia in the pit of stomach. I very rarely ever have anything nice to say about this game. So I’m asking is the problem, that my expectations for a game with a D&D license are to high? Is story/challenge mode nothing more then f2p pvp item farming. Or are there plans to expand that area of the game? I’m not talking about just adding more areas, but adding more features. What about guilds, any cool concepts for features that involve things not related to pvp? Any plans to add massive amounts of lore? You can be immersed in the D&D worlds for countless hours and never hold a d20. The amount of novels written in D&D worlds is staggering. Here we get a couple lines going through story mode, epic fail imo! Any plans for teaming up for a dungeon run?

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Check out Beamdog’s offering with Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale, Planescape and Neverwinter Nights.

For a change of pace, a Bard’s Tale and Knight’s of the Old Republic.

This WoW is visually beautiful but it doesn’t capture Dungeons and Dragons. The three pillars of D&D are exploration, social interaction and combat. This game offers combat and uses the illusion of choice as a facsimile of exploration.

The above-mentioned games offer all three pillars.

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Played all but knights of the old republic. Multiple times. Could probably play baldur’s gate blindfolded

So much love for the Baldurs Gate series and IWD. I missed the boat on Neverwinter Nights.

For storyline, Planescape Torment was my absolute favourite.

Oh and if you wanted to dabble with feats, don’t forget Temple of Elemental Evil!

I forgot to tag the forum representative in the first line. This is a serious post. I want answers before it gets to far off track with a fun discussion of other fun options out there.

I figured this post would be ignored by Ludia.

Dev’s do read the forums and we (forums staff) forward bugs and feedback frequently; a lot of this stuff takes development time to analyze and code so it can take a bit before you guys see changes in-game. I have no idea what the road map is or what’s upcoming but I wanted to validate that they do see what you post and take it into account.


The lack of a road map is answer enough. I apologize to everyone for my toxicity. Clearly it was me who didn’t understand what this game isn’t. I’ll leave forums and stop my financial donations. I’ll keep trying to finish collecting all norm through epic items. If nothing has been added by then I’ll delete this PVP game. Just like most people in this world I work way to damn hard at a miserable job. I fail to see how wasting my free time on this badly implemented pvp game is beneficial to me in anyway. For those who do find enjoyment in the constant struggle of pvp. I wish you all the best and hope they figure out a system that works. Peace out.

Well that is your choice and I wish you well in your future gaming. However, he didn’t say there wasnt a road map, he said he didn’t know what it was. Not every part of a company knows what is going on with every other part. He works the forums he isn’t a game designer. Or at least I don’t believe he is

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It must be hard to be perfect. Always having to have the last word, even when the post wasn’t directed at you. Unless of course you truly are a disguised Ludia employee… Why don’t you comment on the fact someone said “my bad” no you have to go straight to well it’s your choice to bow out. Like that’s something bad. If you don’t know if J.C. is or isn’t in the know. Why do you feel the need to say what he doesn’t know? I’ve apologized for making everyone suffer through negative post after negative post. I’ll give you some free advise as a parting gift. Stop needlessly defending Ludia at all costs 24/7. They aren’t perfect like you obviously are.

I am not a designer, just a moderator I don’t get to see roadmaps. Gonna close this topic so we can all take a step back a deep breath.