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Do you have Pterovexus? Can we be friends?


I want to see Pterovexus is battle so would love do some friendlies with people who are using this flyer. If we could be friends, that we be great.

I’m Steph 4220.

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Just got mine il add you if you still need? :slight_smile:


Yes please. I’m curious to see it in action.


Add me I couldnt seem to find you.


You couldn’t find me because I had seriously stupid moment. 4220 was my trophy count not my membership number, D-oh!

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Is she fun to use? I’ve heard some people say Stygidaryx is the one to go for out of the two Darwin Uniques, but I really like both.

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Both are alittle underwhelming imo. Fun to use at L26 though. Add me too and il show you the terrorturkey is better :wink:

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Sure, why not? :joy:

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Just wanted to say thank you for the add @Alex_Dhir :slight_smile:

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No worries :slight_smile: sorry I missed you yesterday. Should be okay similar time tonight.

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Sorry, can’t help it…

Gonna go watch this now…


@Scotlandyank Typical it doesnt get picked…

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Lol, I know. Man level 26 manga is no joke.

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Feel like the bird is avoiding me but at least I didn’t get as whipped by you this time :muscle:

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Was close! That damn rat… lol! Can do one more if you fancy it! :slight_smile:


You got me! GG! And you got to see turkey! Hahaa

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I know, pure luck. Strange, my screen froze when you swooped at me. Luckily it bounced back before my next move.


You played well! See you won without that annoying rat too! :wink: Yeahh it happens everytime lol. Love confusing people with it. Reported it on here before.


I have no idea how to deal with a 26 manga so the rat is all I had.

I didn’t know the bird was immune as well. I’ve got some learning to do with these uniques.


Magna is a beast thats for sure. Erlidom counters it alright. I use tuo sometimes too but mainly because most people dont have a L26 Magna… if it crits though, no hope lol!

Let me know anytime you need/want a friendly :slight_smile:

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