Do you have your own 'rules' or restrictions that you play by?

I just got another Prionosuchus from a coin to Jurassic trade

Excellent news as I’m collecting for Priotrodon.


  1. I already have a L40 Prionosuchus. Why don’t I use that?
  2. I could buy Prionosuchus in the amber market - I have lots of amber. Why not?

My best explanation is that early on in the game I set myself a rule not to make a hybrid if that meant I lose the base components. If possible I try and make the L40 twice before fusing. Where I really need the hybrid (like Metriaphodon) I keep one copy of the base creatures, at least. Where it’s more to fill in, as with Priotrodon, I will make both L40’s of both creatures (Dimetrodon is ready).

So why not use Amber?

Well it’s silly but one of the little satisfactions of the game for me is enjoying getting locked creatures the hard way. When they finally come it feels like a win. So as I’m not in a hurry I’ll try and get those last 3 copies from trades and packs.

I’ll use the Amber for Styxosaurus or something, I never win him.

So, do you have your own self-imposed ‘rules’ like this to follow, or am I just slightly loopy? :pretzel::crazy_face:


I do the same rule as you.


I’ll get the hybrid but after I have enough dna for a second that way I can evolve it and have it better than it’s parent species at level 40


I do not fuse for locked hybrids even if I can only until I get an extra copy for the locked one. It does not matter how long it takes lol. I have patience :joy:


I don’t use any dino above L40 Tourney for tournaments.


I only invest DNA in Hybrids or any other creature(s) when the Game gives us double discount sale.

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I hatch one copy of a creature before fusing a level 40 creature if the creature is difficult to come by.

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I have the rule that each creature in my park is at 40