Do you hunt every dino?


I ignore the dinos that i cant level up and then mash into a new creature.

Anyone else do this or are you after everything?


I used to do everything, now I only do most rares, all epics and as far as commons, I only stop for stegosaurus


All Rares and Epics … all V-Raptors … and not really much Commons (just want to make them all Lv. 10 for now and stop then).

Got Stegoceratops already and my area is full of Stegos anyway, so I only catch them if I have enough Triceratops DNA.


I still catch Stegos, Einis, Tarbys, Allosaurs, and of course Velociraptors. Every other common I skip (like the crocs, salamanders, and discount ankylosaurs) or don’t spawn near me so I can’t collect them anyway.

Naturally, I collect all rare and above, whether it evolves or not.


I gather as many new species as I can, only levelling those who are on my team. I also try to keep hybrids to a minimum, as they cost more coinage per level than most.

I had to prioritize my levelling procedure, which is:

  1. Raptors and other “quick-strike” team members

  2. Tanks - sauropods or armored dinos

  3. Heavy damage - carnosaurs or hybrids

The rest filling out my collection get “frozen” at their current levels.


I don’t go for everything but almost everything. Obviously, I catch all the epics I find. Same for rares: even if I don’t like them at all, who knows if Ludia will buff them in the future and I’ll be glad to have that DNA. I only ignore the commons that I don’t like at all and are not useful for hybrids.

When it comes to commons, I always, always dart velociraptor, stegosaurus, apatosaurus and parasaurolophus. There are others that I only catch when I have darts to spare, because I want their DNA but I don’t want to waste too many darts: allosaurus, tarbosaurus, einiosaurus, nundasuchus, euoplocephalus and tanycolagreus. The rest of the commons are the ones that I just ignore (or dart once, enough to create them for my collection but no need to level up).


i dont dart sarcosuchus and suchomimus, the rest i try to dart, if its close…