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Do you level your Indoraptor?


Looking for opinions for those more experienced than myself :slight_smile: I have over 2000 T Rex DNA at the moment. My Indoraptor is a level 22. It doesnt seem like it’s health or damage increases by enough that i feel its worth all the DNA required. Am I wrong? Should I level it higher? Or just keep getting and saving DNA for the other Uniques using Indominous and T Rex although they feel so far away.

I’m currently level 18 and hovering between 3900 and 4100 trophies.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Kaseybear16, Indoraptor is awesome! Mine is currently at level 24, and I’m still trying to level it up. However, in my opinion, a level 22 Indoraptor will still perform great at your trophy range or even a bit higher. If you want to start focusing on creating other Unique Hybrids or levelling other dinos on your team, it would not be a bad idea.


Huge difference between a 28 and a 22 and gotta start somewhere :smiley: being an end game dino it is worth it at any point in time.

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I think there is really no downside in leveling up your indoraptor, as @Kodiakhunter1 said this is really a end game Dino. But do remember u will need Rex dna for erlidominus and Tryko in the future and trust me you will need lots and lots of Rex dna just to create them

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I paused leveling mine at 27 (last November).
Since then I used all my rex DNa to create and level Tryko and Erlidom (now 26 and 25).

During that time, I felt like it did it’s job pretty well. It gave out enough damage and withstood a reasonable amount of hits to keep me competitive in the arena. I Never really felt like it was lacking … the only time level made a difference was when it was against another indoraptor. Most of those battles come down to RNG and who’s evasive worked and who’s failed. Leveling up really wouldn’t have changed anything.

I’m back to fusing it now though since I’m out of Anky and Erlik …and cuz of the daily Rex supply too :grin:.

I’d reccomend getting indo to a comfortable level you can keep it at and where it does its job well while pursuing another rex hybrid with ingredients you can readily find. Both tryko and Erlidom are great in battle … but I’ve yet to see an Anky despite driving by several parks.


Indo is and has been one of the safest bets of all dinos.


Depends on how much luck (aka RNG) you are ok with. I personally sat mine @26 due to too many failed cloaks, am much happier mitigating that chance. But, I won’t lie, Indo did help me get top 500 in more than one season.


Thanks everyone. Guess I’ll continue to level it at least a couple levels. I doubt I’ll ever create Tryko. I’m in L4 and until latest update Anky was coming in regularly but I made the choice to create Rajaky (my 4 year old son really made that choice for me lol, he thought he looked cool). Now that it’s not in L4 I’ll probably never get any outside of it being in an event.