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Do you like the new boost feature? Poll

Are you happy with the addition of boosts? Or do they need tweaking somewhat?

  • Love boosting
  • Hate boosting
  • Think they need work

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I would like to see a CAP on how many boosts can be applied to one creature. As eventually everyone will end up with the same fully maxed dinos and for me it will take out the ‘skill/choice’ aspect of where to use them.




Missing the “Undecided” category. :grin:


It takes 71 days to build up the needed attack or health boosters to fully max out a dinos stats. That’s 71 days per dino.

That’s as a cost of 35,500 hard cash per stat.

They are releasing strike events with boosts in, and if I know lydia they will make bigger $$$ boost offers soon.

Eventually, perhaps.

But as of right now, just counting the daily battle incubator and the 25 per day you can buy, it would take 71 days to max one dino’s Attack to Tier 10.

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Take your time to decide… cant amend it now! :sweat_smile:

I don’t like the way they sale boost token everyday.
This obviously tend to extend the gap between P2W and F2P players.

It’s even worse if some player players have access to “super secret” options to buy boosters that other don’t have access to. :sunglasses:


Oh… don’t you have super VIP? :grin:

The more I think about it, maybe the speed stat should not have been part of this new feature.

Speed is the pinnacle of the PvP game, not sure being able to manipulate that particular stat is a good idea at all.


i think what you meant to ask is, do you like to pay to play and win.

i’m max level and have pretty good dinos IMO. i’ve never spent any real money on the game and i enjoy the grind that way.

this new pay to win is kind of lame i feel. i understand ludia wants to make money and this is a way for their vip and other paying members to feel that they have even more of an advantage which it should be if you are paying. for me i haven’t applied any of the stat boost, yet. i suppose i will use some of the free ones but i don’t plan on purchasing any, ever.

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Im not super keen on them. However the alternative I guess would be increase the cap on creatures to L40. At 250k coins to go from 29-30. Imagine 39-40 would cost 1 million. Either way like you said they want $$$. Was always just how they went about it.

HATE IT. Week 1 player. I spent the past year grinding. Out for hours every day. Before work, lunch times, evenings, weekends. Learnt the locations by heart, went there to get the creatures. Ran scents when they were introduced - common, rate, epic - to increase the chances (though not guaranteed) to get the creatures I needed. The game is supposed to be based on going out and hunting. That’s the appeal. Grind and level up your creatures.

I never missed a park/strike event. Worked other engagements around the game.

In the arena I learnt the stats. What creature at what level with what potential move could I counter, what moves to play with what possibility to damage…

It’s been a labour of love.

I got my team to mostly uniques at L30. I progressed to 5000 points, then 500 trophies, onto the leaderboard

Top 400…




then top 50…!

Yes! All that work paying off!

Then. Out came the update.

Now people can sit on their couch and PAY to pump steroids into their low-level dinos…<\b>

It’s a mockery.

I have already spent enough ££ on coins to level up and scents. But then at least the scents were never certain. You had to be out there, know where to do them, spend the time there waiting.

Same with the incubators - you had to battle and battle and battle with no certain DNA results.

Now people can just click a button and choose at will what to upgrade.

I’m not falling for the “give us all your money” ploy… no. No more! I’ve given them that, my time, my support and they still want more.

This isn’t even going into the other farcical issues such as battle time outs, speed boots being available in store for some users but not for others, in game chat not working, new darting not being effective for faster creatures, battles starting on their own… I mean… what’s actually going right?

The new creatures are pretty cool and the animations are top notch. The new style opt-in tournaments with the specified requirements of non-hybrids etc would be pretty cool if they actually worked. The game loads faster and supply drops zoom in quicker. That’s all I can think of in a positive light.

So I am DONE. I’ve already put in a ticket to close my account. The whole update wasn’t. 1.7. It was 2.0 - a totally new concept. And for me that concept sucks.

It throws long-time, loyal players under a bus and despite Metahub’s denial on PTW, it IS purely there to squeeze money out of mid-level players who want a fast-track ticket to the top.

The state of the game is SO sad. Gutting to be honest. But also… from my now totally jaded point of view… what do any of us expect? I’m literally not entertaining it any longer.



A Tryko at 7110 Heath and 120 speed? Behave.

I don’t make a habit of mentioning player names on here who I beat - only those who beat me because I’m gracious in defeat, but in this case… Mr steroid Tryko man with his technicoloured dream coat still bit the dust.

It wasn’t fun though. Just a joke.

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Always enjoyed battling you in the arena, as well as any of your fellow sand duners. That write up hit the nail on the head. Sadly I believe many loyal players like yourself may follow you out the door. Hope they can fix this mess 1.7 created but that’s just wishful thinking. Good luck in the arena, may we meet each other again if you have not left yet.


initially i thought it was like 10 boosts max(12 would be ideal) that you can choose to split between the 3 stats how ever you wanted too. that sounded alot better because then the creatures would all be different. when i found out that you can boost all 3 stats 10 times each the red flag came out. MONEY WALL and now that i see it in action, its definately a money wall. sure people that dont pay will eventually get maxxed out dinos but thatll be like 2 years or being tormented by op dinos and then only to have them nerfed and have to start over. now they really screwed up with the speed boosts and random players have been benefiting from God knows how many more speed boosts then the rest of us. and that cant be reversed. how would they know how many were purchased by them without checking each and every account?


Broken idea especially when boosting broken rat. No need to even hunt now when your immune dino out speeds everything. Or a broken tryko with 129 speed. Game is pretty much over for me. Bugs make battle impossible and darting is terrible.