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@ludia_developers how will you fix this^^? or are you going to overlook it this time? how will you know how many boosts were bought and by who if you decide to give refunds?



Boosting put an end to my style of play. I could never afford to boost them all.

I went with leveling all my Dino to be ”team strength” at 4100 Trophies, common to Unique. All interchangable, all fit in. Over 50 of them and was rising as I filled up on DNA (and coins) to level them. Something not quite strong enough at 21… give it a level and see how it does. Level it up again if it needs it. Raise a few more up, battle and see how they do, level up as required. It was a fun project.

Now? I tried a few mixed teams in Arena, didn’t stand a chance… at all. They just cannot compete with boosted dino. Maybe a team of 8 stunners and hope they all work? Or 8 Evasive and play the RNG odds?

My stable:

One level 30 (Apato – Because… Apato!)

One level 26

One level 25

2 level 24

8 level 23

19 level 22

17 level 21

24 level 20

5 level 19 ready to hit the button and others that worked their way up well past fusing level. As I max out on DNA storage, I hit the button. I could actually level many of them a lot more as most are at MAX storage (old storage limits that is) or fused to max and button ready.

Useless, wasted resources now. I will still battle for my daily, to stock up on boosts and see where my stable ends up, trophy wise. But most will still be tromped on by boosted dino even down lower.

Yeah, perhaps I was the fool for leveling more than 8 to where I did not have to drop Arena to play a variety team. We calculated it out months ago, I had enough DNA to bring a strong team to level 28 or better. All it would take is coins and time to do all the fusing. I probably would have had more than enough coins if I did not level up so many! LOL

But I am not tossing in the towel quite yet. I have a great Alliance and I can at least help out Missions by hunting. And battle count too. I will be losing a TON of battles as I drop trophies! They all count. I just won’t be winning too many battle incubators.

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idk… boost your weak ones to team level. only increase speed where you need too and try to keep your unique count down for better matchups. thats how i am doing it. added trex with some cool boosts. took out thor and erlidom. lowered my team level a bit. tryostronix is a great addition in this “meta”

Thats what my lvl 24 purutaurus (Carlos) is doing! Still no fair!

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I do not need to boost ‘weak ones’ though. I have more than enough DNA in storage to add a few levels to about anything.

And which ones to use the boost on? Pick the 8 strongest, 8 weakest? I would never have enough boosts to do much to any of them. I would have to pick 8 and boost them. But that defeats all my efforts so far.

carlos lol

yes you would boost 8 and every patch plan on one or two to be nerfed. thats why i went trex for one. i would hope they dont touch trex for awhile. just my thoughts. im not in the “end game” race…

i kind of set my team where i want my matchups to be at. no i dont want to face lvl 30 boosted dinos so i lowered my team level a bit. does this work? so far i guess.

Awww @Scubasteve same 100%! We’ve had some great battles and it’s always good to see your name pop up at the end of a fight - win or lose :blush:

That’s the biggest gut-punch of all this TBH… I adore my alliance. My gorgeous SandDunes friends are just that - true, supportive, awesome, geniusly funny, naughty friends who are so dedicated and passionate towards this game, but also each other. I may have never met any one of them IRL but speaking for myself we know each other and share more than could ever be done with “real-life” friends. I’ve learnt what it is to be an online gamer in a “clan” from this game and how close remote friendships can be. They’re an incredible group and in my own biased opinion, the best alliance by a bazillion miles. and that will be the hardest part of leaving…

This community is the only reason I’m still hanging around… we’ve got a great group of people here… alliances aside there are so many familiar names… people I’ve interacted with for a year now. People who I battle regularly or banter with on here - good and bad… but it’s that… that’s the hardest part of having to know when to throw in the towel and say “I’m done”. I don’t want to and so many kind words (which I didn’t at. All. Anticipate) are being said. And the unexpected “don’t go!’s” from not just my great friends but from people I play regularly and didn’t realise even noticed(!) for us to stay have made me deeply question whether I’m doing the best thing. But… this getting silly now and I don’t know when that’s going to end… so… I may not be doing the best thing, but I’m doing the right thing and bowing out before I spend any more of my life investing in a game that discounts loyalty and is only interested in ££ (well what did I expect :confused:)

It’s like working for a company that treats you like :poop: and knows you will stay on because of the camaraderie between you and your colleagues… at some point you just have to say no to the man and stay in touch with those you love as best you can without being part of “the gang” any longer.


Looks like a Carlos to me! :grimacing:image




The fact 1/3rd of folks don’t hate them before the 2/3rds figure out they will generally even out means there’s nothing wrong with them

did i miss something, or lab doesnt show preview of next level stats anymore? now we can see a preview for next boost, but how about next level?

jwa field guide app only?

Not before lydia makes BANK.



Press and hold the stat in question. :slight_smile:


mmmm, seems it shows the current level and at right the next level already added boost acquired.

the blue number at right made me think its showing next boost level.

edit: sorry, there are 2 infos. level when press and hold, and boost when touch/select.
thanks! :wink:

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Stay boosts are the beginning of the end for this app. I am just glad I never pulled the trigger on VIP and now there is no reason to even consider it.

after read 1.7 chances announced, i thought stat boosts was a temprary effect. you use during a battle and bye bye. or expire after a period of time.

permanent is only a personalized buff.

Personally it doesn’t affect me at all since I am camping in the Sorna marshes, helps me to make the assault events easier and does not affect anything from the friendly battles and the tournament (for now).
Also eventually everyone is going to get a relatively similar amount of dinosaurs with boosts or their max boosted dinos will be nerfed, so there is no pressure