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Do you like the update?

The biggest update just happened and some people really like it and some treat it as proceratiomimus before it was nerfed. So which one are you?

  • I like it
  • I hate it
  • I don’t like it or hate it

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If you didn’t like it how would you want the update to be?

  • Remove the new abilities
  • Change the stats back before the update
  • Remove resistance
  • just get pokemon go, the game is unredeemable
  • Add something(Please comment what, I can’t read minds)

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Do you prefer 1.14 or 2.0?

  • 2.0
  • 1.14
  • I like both equally

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Bring back Immunity

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If it were me, I would have given every creature an arena and a co-op version of an attack, just to stop the clutter of redundant effects in arena. I’d also fix the strange behavior of dodge/invincibility in arena.


Make a better balance between dinosaurs, give them a better role and give them counters to others

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Give each creature a Raid and Arena moveset, some creatures people wasted thousands of DNA and coins on have been shifted to be Raid creatures, making them useless in PvP. Something like Thor could have kept it’s normal kit, but when you’re in a raid it switches to another moveset.


Like others, I would have preferred a Raid and Arena moveset.

It’s kinda silly for Thor to have two impacts, Utasinoraptor to have two distracting impacts and Tuora to have two healing moves, for instance, in regular arena.


I hate and love this update at the same time.
As a non boost user my hole team has been butcherd and is now unuesable. That in it self is a bummer but will be overcome in time. The pvp arena didn’t interest me anyway. It happend once and will happen in the future. The problem i have is that i and other players can not join in raids. When accepting an invite we have to log back in our Google play account. By the time that is done de lobby doesn’t exsist anymore. But as a grinder i love the change in the spawns. From the former l1 commons i had them nearly maxed out at 500000. So the changes came just in time. Can 't wait to reed the spawnmechanics of update 2.0. So happy that i havent seen a single majungasaurus.

Hey, can I suggest also having a new poll asking how people on how update 2.0 compares overall to version 1.14? Maybe with the options much better, slightly better, about the same/undecided, slightly worse and much worse.

I think it’s useful information because some people might neither like nor dislike update 2.0, but think it’s a massive improvement on 1.14.

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Well, I would change one thing, but it has two choices.

Get back to immunity, period.
Or actually try to make a Rock, Paper, Scissors system that works and as you are already on it, try to be a bit more ambitious and go for a Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock system that can actually have some variety.

You either get resilient creatures clear counters or I don’t know why did you even bother to change the system in the first place.
It’s the cautious problem but on a bigger scale.

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Add more raid in Friday Saturday Sunday

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Dropped 600 in pvp rating because all you really did was create a behemoth convoluted raid system and make everyone have to operate inside of the raid dynamics in order to do anything at all. Went from a 50/50 win loss ratio to 10/90. Now the 15 minute incubators really feel like a loss instead of a win because they always sucked but now I’ll have to have 10 more fights to get one worth having. Let’s see, what would I prefer? Don’t change things just to change them so you can try to cash in on pay to win gamers. What was good about the update? Hmm, well I guess I got a day off of enjoying it to think about my life and decide if I used to like playing enough to justify it. Used to. Debating it now. So many waste of time unnecessary animations during fights. At least you pulled dinosaurs everyone wants from regular hunting, that was thinking of the players. Jerks.

Don’t look this update as it is now, look at how good is this for the future of the game.


I call BS. Just like blizzard and BioWare, another update to screw with the future game won’t fix it, just waste more of the effort.

Effort of? On a game that was a mess? A game that was falling like hell, needed a hard change, maybe not the best they could do, but it can save that bad path the game had.

It was definitely an overall incredible update. That said, it is silly that they reflected ALL raid moves into the battle arena. Overpowering some creatures and neglecting others.

In general I like it, as it has shaken things up a bit and I really like Raids - even though I wish they would scale to the team and number of players.

However, I wish that creature abilities had not changed. I think they were fine as were. Just a couple creatures were too powerful and needed a tone down. Now I find abilities are too awkward. I used to know what did what. Now I have to read a small novel of text. Also, immunity was better than resistances.

It is going to take some getting used and relearning a lot of the game. This is just the initial 2nd edition of the game. Let’s see where it goes and what changes might come about from everyone’s initial feedback.


I love this update. All I expect from 2.1 is squashing bugs and some rebalancing

And new bosses, of course

I like the update, it’s save the game. I just want to give a suggestion, Can you guys increase the global spawn rate especially the rare spawn rate. Since local spawn are garbage especially local 1,4 i will love if you guys do this @Ludia_Developers so we can hunt the dimetrodon, toujiango, or irriator.

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Okay I’ll do that