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Do you miss the first weeks after the game was launched (Summer 2018)?


Do you remember the time when everyone began to hunt and the most scary creature in the arena was Veloraptor and a Stego?

This nostalgic feelings bring back memories from the time everyone was in the beginning of the game, when everyone started to climb up in the arenas…

Some dinos was really rare to see in the battles…
We could dream of finding all this nodo to build our Stegodeus (The UBER GOD…before nerf and changing the SS)

Every game comes to a end. Is it now?
When everyone have nearly all creatures, when no more dinos are added to the game and everyone starting to use same stuff. When our most rare dinos now have plenty of DNA left over without any purpose.

Would you go back to start the game over again?
Do you miss the summer of 2018?


Yeah the start was the best. I remember finding ankylosaurus and thought it was going to be my end game dino.


I remember the excitement of opening the app and finding new species every time, especially when I found the special event Apatosaurus😂


I wouldn’t want to start over but i wish i could go back a few months to when battles weren’t so stale. The intensity is gone.


I tot my end game dino was T-Rex, when I created it, I was so excited I showed everyone, and that epic roar…

I remember going out hunting and coming back happy.


I remember loading up the game when I was on vacation in Europe and seeing Parasauralophus for the first time and being overjoyed.

I went camping at a state park about a month after JWA released. There was a event going on and all I saw at the drops were Bary. I thought it was the most awesome dino. It was green and pretty. Lol

I still like Bary, but it lost a place in my team pretty quick.
I got so mad at the raptors, I refused to use mine and I had a team of Sauropods and a Stego. I had Raja and Trex too. :slight_smile:

As @Kodiakhunter1 said, I remember going hunting and going back home happy… There was a lot more variety then, despite the fact that there were fewer dinos in the game… If the game was to restart, I would, obviously, be a lot wiser as to what to dart and level…


Tbh dracocerotops and Draco G2 SIA take away all the fun. battles become boring and dull. :unamused:


Yes i did that to remeber about the great times of lower arenas. Plus when i got my first epic concavenator i thought i was pro

I remember when all the green boxens where ONLY in parks.

If that would continued… I don’t think this game had existed.

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I remember very early on when I thought Nundasuchus was a beast!


The Arena was much better back then as there weren’t the overpowered species and you faced a variety of different dinosaurs. But I prefer the hunting now as there are more animals to try and find. But bring back the old Arena. Please. :slight_smile:


I remember when seeing a t rex meant you would get on the leaderboard.
The golden days


And posto lol!

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Yes, velociraptor was very scary (like Indoraptor in the fall). And I was so proud when I got my einiosuchus, happy each time I saw any einiosaurus or nundasuchus.

You could actually move up arenas (I guess I’ll be in aviary forever now), even though you knew it would be a few days before you didn’t (involuntarily) drop again.

And after two losses in a row you were guaranteed a bot - but at the time we didn’t appreciate that at all (Bot hell! Imagine that… they have level 25 dinos! :open_mouth: Or even - might as well give up now - level 30’s!)

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I don’t think so… we had just about given up on Pokemon Go, but about a year ago Niantic really added good content and improved their game… they’re doing all right. The only reason I’ve become casual with PoGo is… well, this game :heart_eyes:

Unless someone comes out with something more fantastic than dinosaurs (and they might… I never thought I would lose my passion for PoGo) I don’t think this game is going away.


It’s the same battles, wash-rinse-repeat. I changed my whole team and am dropping down to be able to use Dino’s I never touch. Now we have 50M drops to spin. I’m so excited I may never sleep again. (Insert sarcasm). Still got my fingers crossed Ludia does something to shake the game up.

I miss losing 2 games and knowing I would win the third because the ai was using lower level dinos. I also miss the joy I felt when I made my first epic (t-rex) thanks to the AMC incubator. And my team of all stunners because I didn’t want to use my raptor.

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