Do you monitor your alliance leader?

If you belong to an alliance where a leader demands all members to be daily active, I’m sure the leader check your activity, but do you monitor your leader?
It’s not that hard.
We (leaders) don’t have any special tool to check other players’ data, so what we can do to you is what you can do to us.

One example is checking the badges recently received.
Some badges are given as rewards of daily strikes. Others can be obtained as a “Pass” reward (there are more ways to receive badges, i.e. tournaments, achievements, etc.).
Go to your alliance list and view profiles of your leader or other players.
Take a look at the “Recently Collected Badges”.

If your leader or other players don’t have badges that you recently received from daily strikes, they may not be daily active.
If “2022” badge is still on the list (as of Jul/8/2022), the player may not be daily active (we have received enough badges since then, to push out the “2022” badge from “Recently Collected Badges” list ).

Hope your leader and members are as active as they declare.

Leaders have power to remove you, but you have a right to talk with your leader and/or to look for more suitable ones for you.

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While I was growing my former teams and running the military camp i did. :joy: we set daily targets and if everyone did those targets we would ideally reach 10/10 without any worry and last minute grinding.

So I heard of other teams requesting screenshots of missions. For my main team we didn’t need to do it because we reached it before we ever did that. For the 2nd and 3rd team we requested screenshots until the team reached 10/10.

It was a job in itself but I reviewed every single persons daily missions every single day. If they had to take multiple pics they did. Those that didn’t send them in consecutively were held accountable. I had a checklist to verify who was doing it. Aside from reviewing, I gave feedback to everyone. Constructive when needed and always looked for praises to give as well. If not a praise an encouraging message.

At the time I was running 2 accounts. I was not omitted from turning them in. I turned in screenshots of both my accounts everyday even if I wasn’t in the team they were in of my 3 former teams.

I believe in leading by example. I’m not going to ask you to do something that I myself will not or cannot do. For those of you who run multiple accounts you know it’s a struggle. Especially when you’re running tournament focused teams and/or accounts.

I also believe that you cannot ask your team to do something if you do not equip them with the tools needed to perform the task. So for the missions, I spent days or weeks, I can’t recall. But I made this whole section on discord called “knowledge is power” it has tons of tips for the game. Helps you with different aspects of missions. Some is now obsolete or has changed but at the time it was solid.

I have not been nor will I ever be the highest scoring player in my team in tournaments or arena. Nor will I ever sweep rank 10 on either or both exploration or defense. But I do what I can do and I work with players who ask or let me know what’s going on.

You don’t demand and ask for respect, you earn it from your team.

Some people like you and others don’t. Some grow to appreciate you while others never will. It is what it is but the numbers don’t lie.

My main team once it hit 10/10 until I left leadership had 83 consecutive weeks of 10/10. Once we got it we never missed again.

My second team hit 10/10 and for 43 consecutive weeks until I left leadership. Once we got it we did not miss it.

My 3rd team which was the work in progress. Had 13 weeks of 10/10, not consecutive. This was over 6 months.

By the end of it, we had 3 teams at 10/10 and in the top 100 in championships with 2 of them in the top 20. 1 winning 5 consecutive championships with 13 top 3 finishes.

If your leader is demanding results ask them to be part of it and share their screenshots or scores or however it’s being monitored.


Here is the text part of “knowledge is power” then I made pics for everything which better explains it.


Are leader Hasn’t been on for 3 months but we have very active officers that kick inactive players after 5 days or no tournament participation

What and how do you do the dart trick?

We have ggouge as our leader and maybe 5 or 6 Officers which are co-leads.
He does the minimum standard that is expected and that’s about it.
His job isn’t to be the best of the best, it’s to be the decider and to keep Officers in check and keep the alliance running smoothly.
He knows what all of the Officers strengths and weaknesses are and delegates extremely well and when we disagree he keeps things civil.
He doesn’t play a hard 7+ hours a day like the co-leads and cant run the alliance without us.
Co-Leads conflicting views, personalities, and leadership styles would cause us to disintegrate. (I am VERY aware how toxic my military leadership style is in modern society and the Leader is one of the few people that can keep me in check)
His job is to provide purpose, direction, motivation, and settle decisions (Even if I don’t like final decision)
He will always do the minimum standard.
And I’m totally fine with it.
His plate is full.

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That is real constructive leadership right there. Huge respect.

You’re technically wasting darts but since darts are so easy to get it doesn’t matter.


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We check people are active, but checking badges and daily missions etc. seems like an awful lot of work for not much more (usually useless) dna. IMO of course.