Do you plan to participate in the sorcerer recruitment event?

Do you plan to participate in the sorcerer recruitment event?
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Once again, I’m looking at this PVP recruitment event and my first reaction is: “that looks exhausting”.

15 PVP wins to get past the first stage of the event, and then an unknown number of wins in two more parts of the event before the char is unlocked. PVP in this game can be a frustrating afair due to long pairing wait times, poor level match-ups, and hero abilities that just prevent you from playing at all. At this point, I don’t feel willing to sit myself down and subject myself to that unknown level of frustration.

Some suggestions about how this particular type of event could be improved:

  • Add a toggle to show the rewards, and when they are unlocked, on the sections of the event not yet unlocked.
  • Like the battle chest, progress the reward ticker based on number of heroes killed (and of course, the # of event points required is multiplied accordingly). This way, players can feel like they’ve made progress in the event, even if they’ve suffered a devastating defeat.
    • In addition, I suggest the progress ticker be advanced 1 extra notch just for participating. That way, even if they loose without defeating any enemies, they feel less of a sting from the devastating defeats. If this were implemented on the event stages that have a cost associated with them, there would be a low propensity to just AFK the whole event.
      • Thus, winning would net you 5 points, so you feel extra good about the win
      • And loosing would give you (1 + # heroes defeated).

And, while I’m here, I’ll suggest some general PVP changes to alleviate further frustration:

  • On the “waiting to match” screen, add a timer showing how long the player might wait before being able to match with a robot; after that timer expires, you might even keep the “fight a robot” button available to use until a real opponent is found.
  • Ban or provide alt effects for certain skills
    • Warlock hold person (6 turns): Can prevent multiple heros from being able to do anything for an entire match, which is absolutely no fun.
    • Druid dominate guard (Honestly, I’m not sure how this is supposed to be balanced at all.)
    • Barbarian Epic healing spear: Allows them to hog the middle and keep healing themselves
  • Limit resurrections to 1/hero/match
    • Having the cleric hog the center and just proc the epic bone over and over again is no fun for either side.
  • Allow only normal attacks on dominated heroes
    • It’s punishing enough that a player looses a turn due to domination. It’s devastating when that dominated hero annihilates the entire team with a large burst of damage, an aoe, or both. Preventing weapon effects from triggering would still make it bad for your hero to be dominated, but less frustrating.
  • Allow only normal attacks on counterattacks
    • This one is debatable, but it feels like a nerf that would lessen frustration at feeling unable to attack, for fear of being obliterated by a massive attack
  • Burn the whole field at once
    • Hogging the center field and keeping yourself healed is a viable mid-match strategy, and I feel disgusted with myself every time I feel the need to employ it. By burning the whole field at once, melee characters are equally in danger as ranged characters.
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Unfortunately ludia could not care less what their players think.

Already finished it, twice. I was on the last vip stage and my tom totally reset to the beginning, so i had to redo it again. My biggest complain is bots. I did over 100 matches due to it resetting on me, amount of real players fought, ZERO. 100% bots. If ludia is going to refuse to let the top end of players face anything but bots while doing tom events then dont make us go though the waiting process, just instantly give me a bot.


Since I am still debating the reward vs time commitment, do you remember the number of battle victories needed for the locked stages? And the gem cost for renewal? That info would help me decide - thanks!

15 wins stage 1, 15 wins stage 2 at 30 gems per rebuy. And 20 wins stage 3 at 40 gems per rebuy.

20 wins on stage 3?? I’m guessing there’s a book of bravery available in store soon then, since it’s in the developers best interest to push all available characters on every player to slow down overall progress…

There’s always a book of bravery as a prize in one of the challenges.
Right now, it’s a “12” in Hidden Forge.

I’ll need a lot more than 5 resets to complete 35 wins, but point taken

I just grind that challenge until I roll a 12, and I get an hour of free play in the ToM.
It’s a nice easy way for a long ToM event, to wrap up a stage or two.

Not able to fight my way out of the free fight. I won 11 lost 33

I agree. Or just give us a diamond purchase option to be done with it. Lol.

Nice way to spend a weekend.