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Do you remember?

I said would sell 4 indoraptors and I did it now I will be able to improve my pteros and herbivores line up

At the present moment I have 170K of DNA :joy:

And I have 8 indoraptors in the park and I can buy 4 more and 1000 SDNA left :clap:
That’s a lot


one day you’ll regret wasting the sdna.

Well I’m doing it for a good cause :joy:


Maybe, maybe not.

If you need more DNA to support get Indos over L1, a bunch of unuseable SDNA isn’t going to help much.

And especially when I need strong creatures from other class :+1:

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The way i look at it, the Indoraptors and even other SDNA is free, just locked behind a time wall. Its good DNA if you cant afford a lineup being ruined by an indo, which is my mindset once i make my indo V2, because I already have 8 regular indos.

Its the other super hybrids that matter far more imo.

In my case the indoraptors don’t ruin my team…

the problem is that indoraptor is weak against amphibians and so I need to strengthen the other classes for balance