Do you run out of your apartment/ home to catch rare/epics?


I have been trying to keep myself to home and only catch dinosaurs within range (other than when I go for planned walk). But can’t seem to help myself running out in excitement whenever I see an Epic or sometimes even a rare(which I have been looking forward to fuse/on my team) on my radar but not in range!
Is this normal? :smiley: What do you do when you see an epic not in reach?


LOL I have actually nabbed an epic from my living room twice so far. The closest one’s ever spawned was practically in my front yard!


In the beginning I would, take a quick drive before work or down to thr gas station on the corner to get closer to some of the rare and epic dinos. Then I started running out of data too fast. That will probably not be an issue soon, though, so I’ll be on the lookout again.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on the one who spawned and if I have time.


Just took my 3 year old out to the park at 7pm to catch this t.rex :joy::roll_eyes: seeing as it spawned unreated to the event.


I will definitely go out of my way for the right dino. I’ve grabbed my phone and my bf’s phone and ran to the corner to tag us some decent fusing fodder.


I had went out twice last night for u-raptor. Then I saw one at 1230 am and that’s when I drew the line. Lol… But I do it often for rares or epics. And I drive the neighborhood at night for v-raptors.


Went out at 4:30 AM once for 2x Utah in a street next to mine. lol


I would have clicked the Rex before going out, to make sure it is not related to the event :grin:
Though I was also surprised to find a Rex around 150 feet away from park today and was more than happy to get those extra DNA!


Oh yeah I did :joy: it was just at the park next to it :heart_eyes:


And you didn’t have to explain anyone where you were going in the dead of the night? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Was surprised by this guy one night


Hmm… so all people see exactly the same dinos!! Good that you get double the rewards :smiley:
I started believing that higher levels see more rares and epics, since I started encountering more of them recently only after reaching level 6-7 and now see around 8-10 rares and 1-2 epics in a day.


Absolutely. Almost got skunked at 4am one night grabbing a Rex 2 streets over.


Surprisingly, another T-Rex spawned around 300 feet from my place. Dashed out before it was gone and was able to get some DNA from it!!
Two extra T-rex in a day!! Today was surely my lucky day! :smiley:


Darted a Pyroraptor earlier at the park. Gonna go back a little later to see what’s respawned. The Jurassic World United “B” team needs a star winger.

Only got 30 DNA, so hopefully there will be another pyro that respawns.


Just 30 DNA? That’s not really worth if you are close enough. Always doing around 80-100 per Pyroraptor try (and that’s maybe just average aim).

Raptors aren’t that hard, just train with V-Raptors all night.


I was in a moving vehicle at the time, and had to do it rapid-fire before it got out of range. It was the first attempt, the next time will be on foot.


You got 48 hours for just 6x tries … no need to rush it under bad circumstances. But yeah, I did the 80+ in a vehicle as well.


I got out of bed at 3am for a sinoceratops in the middle of a thunder storm id that doesn’t say commitment then i don’t know what does lmao