Do you think a more structured dinosaur Team would be a good idea?

A thought came to mind today for a system to stop people having purely hight hp and stun types only in their team. If i said a limit of 3 stun type or herbivores out of 8 at most to create a balance of different attack and strategy. Possibly adjust some of the stats again to level the playing field.

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I certainly think there should be something to force more variety in team builds. Something like only 4 out of your 8 dinosaurs can be hybrids for instance. A limit on specific abilities to 2 or 3 wouldn’t be such a bad idea either providing it forces people to play different dinosaurs. The only issue I can see is that it might just tighten up the same teams all the time even more than it does already?


@james123, interesting idea! It could also be based on only allowing a limited number of each creature on your team from carnivore, herbivore, Cenozoic, etc. :thinking:

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Now this I would love to see!

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Unfortunately it wouldn’t make a jot of difference to the teams that inevitably become the ones to use .
You only have to look at the new tournaments when it’s a non boosted tourney using equal level 26 dinos . The top 500 have pretty much the same eight dinos .
So what would work better ?
Making the team 12 instead of 8 would .
Thus the chances of getting 3 stunners lower , the chance of a overboosted Thor or a rat lower and most of all , the chance of variety much higher .
Win , win :smile:


Yeah, random 4 out of 12 should spice things up a bit more. Pretty stale now with the same basic 8 in everyones lineup.

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Which Dinos goes in the team should be decided by me and me alone. I choose those Dinos because they’re what’s necessary.
I play Pvps for winning not to show my opponents variety. In way it’s good we can try other Dinos that we won’t use, for that there’s always Friendly Challenge.

If you have a problem with Stuns, try to use Immunes.

Can we halt the new ideas until the game/bugs are actually fixed. :raised_hands:t2: Otherwise it’s just going to keep spiralling

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I’m just wondering why Ludia was so concerned about cloak/evade because it hardly ever saved me anyway. On the other hand I get stunned every time a creature stuns or instant charges me. They have % but they always stun. You rarely ever get hit by a stun or do a stun that doesn’t stun you or the opponent. Nerf that.

If you don’t have an immune creature or one that can survive long enough after switching. I don’t see how you can beat these stun creatures.

Agree to use immune creature, but the problem your immune creature mostly never got select in the battle team.

I normally have one but if you switch to it after their stunner is out you’re taking a hit then their next hit will probably kill you and you’re back to square 1.