Do you think ludia actually sees our suggestions?

Just a conversation starter. Kinda bored and wanna talk.

Not really no. 90% of the time the players are ignored, and if i’m honest i’m being rather generous on that 90%.

The only time they really listen is when GamePress write letters because Ludia know they have a big following in the community. Which i’m grateful for @Piere87



thats what i thought myself. gamepress better write a letter to get a dimodactylus hybrid lol



In all honesty though. I really hope they listen to suggestions on here. I know my letter got a lot of attention, but people should feel like they are being heard. I like to think they are at least.


me too, although im not too hopeful…


Still don’t know if this is them listing or just a coincidence
I made it when immunity was still a thing


I think that without anyone asking for it, @Piere87 and gamepress became the face of people’s opinion, without you I don’t know what to happen

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wait, did you actually make that before. thats really cool. i geuss they really liked the idea of spreading out mammoth dna even further

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They definitely do see suggestions. The raid boss increase, Ardentismaxima and Trykosaurus in 2.1 and 2.2 and Phorusaura in 2.1. Even Tuoramoloch got a buff back in 1.10 after calls for a buff. That said, there are some egregious instances where Ludia has just left us hanging - Dracoceratops, Procerathomimus and Indoraptor G2. Those are rather more of the rule than the exception.

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