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Do you think Ludia should be associated with Tapjoy?

I know that most of us have participated in using Tapjoy. There have been benefits and losses to doing so. I now have a spam inbox of vulgar solicitation, that I did not have prior to using their service. There have been awards that were filled quickly or not at all. The last time they had a double cash reward, some of the links do not work.

Most recently I was not awarded 4480 hard cash for signing up with Hulu. Yes, I did communicate with Tapjoy CS. I provided proof and never heard anything from them. I continued to check my account and just yesterday they wipe reward status wall clean. Has this happened to any of you? Luckily I have screenshots, however, I cannot reach anyone.

What have been your most recent issues with Tabjoy?

Thank you

Ive literally gotten 10s of thousands of dino bucks from Tapjoy and I dont get anything

Do you have any tips to share about your success? If you have had any issue, that you have had to deal with CS?

Ive done a few of the large deals, you usually have to wait a week but they have paid. The casino offersare easy because you can uave it auto spin and do something else. Sometimes they make you dispute but I have yet to not get what was owed

This i do mostly the game offers… and a few othera like the stash one and dollar shave club one… never had an offer i did not get paid for eventually.

Not a lot I wouldn’t do for hard cash at this point, js :monkey: :pirate_flag:

They robbed me for over 10k

That sucks!

Me too. I’m in an email battle with Tapjoy and Machine Zone, because someone there is lying. They pass the blame to each other and refuse to compensate me for tasks I completed fairly.

They actually contacted me after i posted this and got me my 3k dollar one, wont respond to the 7500 tho

I am glad you were able to at least get the 3k.

I tried to do a potato chip survey, but it kept getting longer & longer. I finally quit without finishing. Now I’m getting spam texts. Not cool.

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(Five questions and 30 minutes later? …no reward.)
I’m done with them.